Signs You Need To See The Dentist

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Many people have scheduled visiting the dentists twice a year to clean, detect and treat oral issues.  

It is pretty good visiting the dentists regularly but what makes it very important to visit the dentist immediately?

 It is tempting to put off minor oral issues till your schedules lighten up.  But the following warning signs should not be taken lightly. 

It is easier to treat the oral problem when they are still at the early stage and also when the Dentist is familiar with your oral health history.

Below are the following dental signs that require a prompt visit to the dentist. 

Pain or Swelling 

Sometimes, waiting out the pain from a toothache can be miserable and seems like hell. But when it becomes too severe or continuous, it might be a sign of a deeper problem. And you may want to see East Pershing Dental for solutions.

The pain could get worse if not promptly attended to. The pain could be caused by a cavity, abscess, broken tooth, or damaged filling and this can only be detected by a dentist who will treat said to avoid future occurrence. Should you start experiencing any form of oral pain, immediately get help from the dentist in Midtown to prevent further complications.

Gum Disease 

When you notice your gum swelling or sore or red gum, this may mean you have gum diseases. Also, if you noticed blood on your toothbrush or in your sink after a wash, it can mean gum disease. 

There is no cause for alarm as the mild form of gum diseases can be reversible and treated with adjustment to your home oral hygiene and some regular dental visits. 

But in the instance of severe gum disease, this may be caused by infection, plaque building up below the gum line, and bacteria. This will require extra treatment from your dentists such as deep professional cleaning and scaling. 

Canker Sores 

These are tiny ulcers that affect the inside of the cheeks, lips, gum, tongue, and roof of the mouth. Canker sores may be caused by irritants or accidental biting of the lips, stress, food allergies, immunity issues. 

Most canker sores will heal in a week. But severe one may not heal and may recur often. If your canker sores are spreading and takes a longer time to heal, you have to visit your dentist immediately. 

Sensitive Tooth 

Naturally, some people’s teeth are sensitive to hot and cold which can be treated with sensitive toothpaste. But if you noticed a sudden and extreme sensitivity to hot and cold, this can be an indicator of a deeper oral problem. See this reputable dentist in woodbridge va immediately.

Dry Mouth 

A healthy mouth is always lubricated by saliva which washes away food particles and neutralizes acidic contents of the mouth. Dry mouth can be side effects to patients using antibiotic drugs while it can also be a result of chronic oral problems. 

Your dentist will determine the cause and will likely prescribe you with necessary treatment or special mouthwashes to help restore moisture and protect your teeth. 

Sore Teeth 

If you wake up early morning and notice you have a headache, neck pain or you notice you keep on clenching and grinding your teeth throughout the day. This might be a serious dental issue and you need to visit your dentist immediately. Treatment such as exercises, stress relief tactics, and devices you can wear at night to ease the grinding will be prescribed. 

White Spots on Teeth and Gums 

Some people might not feel pain in the early stages of gum infection but will surely notice white spots on their teeth or gum. It can be in the form of a tiny pimple, don’t scrape at the spot, visit your dentist instead it might be a symptom of cavities. Treating it faster can prevent greater oral health challenges. 

Other conditions such as a family history of tooth decay, pregnancy, persistent bad breath, painful jaw when you chew food warrants a prompt visit to the dentist.

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