Simple Boiler Maintenance Checklist – Keep Your Family Happy with a Happy Boiler

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Keeping a family happy depends on so many variables that it can be difficult to keep track of everything, at all times. However, mothers rarely think about the functionality of their boiler equipment. A properly maintained boiler will translate into lower energy expenses. In the long run, keeping a close eye on your boiler will save your family plenty of money. Regular check-ups will let you minimize operating and energy costs. They will also prologue your equipment’s lifespan and improve your family’s safety. In terms of equipment inspections, you don’t have to wait for the annual inspection. You can perform your own inspection on a monthly and even daily basis. You can make sure that you enjoy all the perks of fully-functioning equipment. Below are some incredibly useful tips and tricks that will help you on the way.

Daily Boiler Maintenance Checklist

Boiler maintenance is not a monthly thing. You can count on the little things and small interventions that you perform for your system to ensure high safety and protection levels to your family. Get the most from your equipment with the easy-to-follow daily checklist below.

  • Search for signs of leaking water under and around your system.
  • Don’t obstruct the area near and around your boiler. In case of emergency, you want to make sure that you have easy access to your equipment.
  • See if the temperature and pressure readings are within the specified range. This will allow you to use your equipment for longer, without any unexpected events.
  • See if the equipment is showing any error readings or service codes. You want to make sure that when it does, you have a specialised team take a look at your equipment.
  • Avoid any obstructions of the vent termination. Inspect it daily and remove anything that might obstruct it. Check for ice, snow or debris on a daily basis.
  • Check for potential blockages the combustion air opening. Remove anything that might obstruct it.
  • Pay attention to how your boiler sounds. If you notice any unusual sounds, vibrations and noises of the equipment, give your boiler servicing team a call.

While all these might seem a little too much, everything can be accomplished within 5 minutes. Before your children wake up and you have to drive them to school make a habit out of checking for the things described above.

Monthly Inspections for a Happy Boiler

Every once in a while, – monthly, to be more exact – you can perform a more intensive inspection of your boiler equipment. Pay attention to the following in the process.

  • Are there any signs of leakage, blockage or deterioration when it comes to the combustion air piping or flue gas vent? If so, your trusty maintenance team will help you fix the issue.
  • The relief valve discharge pipe and boiler relief valve should also be closely inspected for signs of leakage or blockage. Search for weeping as well, while you’re at it.
  • Inspect the entire draining system. Take a closer look than usual at your drain line, PVC fittings, drain trap and drain system for blockages. This is a valid tip only for condensing boilers, however.

Your children might also be able to help you inspect the equipment. Engage them in the process and make sure that you explain the basics. This way, you enable them to take better care of themselves in the future.

Yearly Inspections, for a Happy Family During the Cold Moths

Although periodical inspections are necessary, the most important inspection is the yearly inspection. Preferably, invest in professional services when conducting it. Also, make sure to schedule yours before the cold weather arrives. In case your boiler needs more complex interventions, you make sure that your family doesn’t suffer from cold when the boiler cannot be properly used, say the advisors at Corgi HomePlan. To make sure that everything is preserved fully functioning, a boiler cover will also come in handy, discuss with the team what your options are. But let’s see what a yearly boiler check-up consists of.

  • When hired for a yearly boiler check-up, the professional team will first inspect closely the entire heating system. If they identify any potential problems, they will rectify those in a matter of hours.
  • They will clean and inspect the heat exchanger of the entire system.
  • They will ensure that all connections and wiring is intact and flawlessly functioning.
  • The team will also test the pH level of the water and make sure that it is in the desired parameters.
  • The condensate system will also be inspected. If necessary, the team will clean and flush it and bring it in perfect condition.
  • The venting system will be checked for deterioration and corrosion and the team will remove any potential blockages that might obstruct it.
  • The control settings will also be tested and checked. Safety matters and a professional team will ensure that your family is not only properly heated during the winter, but also safe.

Before leaving, the team will also ensure that your entire system and all pieces of equipment are fully functional and ready to be used.

Selecting a Professional Heating and Boiler Maintenance Team

Given the importance of this particular system, you want to research the team who will be working on your system before hiring them. Plus, the price of the service itself matters. In most of the cases, companies will pump their prices but will neglect to deliver quality services.

When researching your options, check for online reviews and testimonials. Get in touch with current or former clients and see how their collaboration went. While prices matter, don’t go cheap. Search for affordable services with multiple interventions included. Yearly plans seem to work best in many homeowners’ case. The company should have trained and skilled engineers. Only this way, boiler maintenance and servicing team will be able to deliver the expected services.

Boiler maintenance is a yearly intervention that will allow you to keep your family safe and comfortable even during the coldest winter months.

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