Simple Tips That Men Should Keep In Mind While Shopping For Clothes

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Shopping for clothes and accessories is never an easy task given that you will literally be bombarded by thousands of choices. And you will have to sort through various criteria like size, color, fit, style, and so on to finally find something that interests you. Below, we look at eleven simple tips that men should keep in mind when shopping for clothes.

  1. Avoid Making It Too Complicated

The purpose of buying good clothes is to make yourself attractive. Nothing more. Some people tend to obsess over every single piece of attractive dress they find thinking that it will also make them look good. However, that may not be the case. No matter how well the dress looks, you will only look good in clothes that match your perfectly. Even a shirt that you were not particularly fond of might end up making you look attractive. As such, don’t fret too much at buying the best looking dress. Instead, focus on buying clothes in which you will look amazing. If you keep this simple point in mind, your shopping will become much easier and you will be able to choose the best clothes, like at Shield Republic homepage.

  1. Get The Right Fit

An important aspect of a great dress is the fit. If you buy clothes that are ill-fit, then you will obviously not look good in them. In contrast, you will look your best in clothes that fit you perfectly. Now, a ‘perfect’ fit does not mean that the clothes hug you tightly. No. That will probably make you look fatter. The dress must just be too close to hugging your body shape. That is the perfect fit which will make you look more attractive.

  1. Look For The Details

You should also look at the details of the clothes you wear. This essentially refers to the little things that add up to the look of the main clothes. For example, if you are wearing a tie, then the way you knot the tie can be very important since each of the different knots can make you appear slightly different. In the same way, if there is a pocket in your shirt, then check it to see whether it adds a new definition to the dress or just ruins the look completely. It is these small things that will eventually play a big role in how well you look in your dress.

  1. Avoid Trends

It is also better if you completely avoid the ‘trends’ in men’s clothing when buying a dress. Trends are just momentary poplar public opinions. That’s it. What trends today can be hated tomorrow. As such, buying clothes on the back of a trend is not recommended, either from the viewpoint of personal style or finance. Ideally, you should try buying clothes that will stand the test of time and will make you look good in all occasions. Adhering to this tip will not only help you build a great wardrobe but will also enable you to save lots of money from being wasted in purchasing ‘trendy’ clothes.  

  1. Shop With A Friend

As far as possible, only visit a shop with a friend. If you go alone and try out a few dress, you will only have your own opinion to rely on as to how good you look. At best, the sales staff might also chime in with an option if you request them. But chances are that they might just use a few faltering words to avoid the possibility of making you feel bad and thereby lose a sale. In contrast, if you bring a friend along with you, there is a good chance that you will get an honest feedback that can help you zero in on the right clothes and completely avoid the ones that don’t look good on you.  

  1. Don’t Be Blinded By Brands

Many people tend to be obsessed by brands in an unhealthy way. They only seek to buy clothes manufactured by their beloved brand and will generally ditch every other clothing option. Never be like this. Until and unless you test clothes from other brands, you will never know what you are missing on. In fact, you might have found the perfect dress from other brands if you only had the mind to look for it. This is why it is important that you don’t be blinded by the brand of the cloth. Instead, check all available options and buy clothes purely on the basis of their quality alone.

  1. Use Jewelry

Men today have taken a liking to jewelry in a big way. While wearing a simple necklace would have met with ridicule a few decades back, a necklace is now seen as a fashion statement. Everyone from a corporate manager to a DJ host have started to confidently wear jewelry items like necklaces, bracelets, rings, Cuban Link Chain, and so on. As such, it is recommended that you to try out a few jewelry pieces and buy those that accentuate your look and make you appear attractive. Makes sure that the jewelry you buy also matches with the dress you wear. The jewelry should only compliment the dress, it should not overpower the dress and hog all the attention.

  1. Never be Afraid Of Experimenting

Don’t shy away from trying out new things. While wearing what you have always worn is a good tactic, it can unfortunately make you look too boring. Imagine seeing a person day in day out in similar clothes and you should understand what we are talking about. Experimenting with eth clothes you wear can cause a dramatic shift in your perception about yourself. So, when you are at a store looking for a new short, don’t just opt for the striped ones that you regularly purchase. Instead, buy a shirt with a new design pattern. Who know, maybe you will come up with a radical new look that will blow people’s minds away.

  1. Use Neutral Colors

When it comes to colors of the dress, you should stick with neutral colors like beige, dark brown, and such. For one, these colors are not too overpowering that people will find it excessive. Plus, because of their subdued nature, you can easily mix them up with clothes that come in other colors. In contrast, if you had worn dresses with colors like bright green, orange etc., then it can look kind of awkward. And finding another dress that compliments it can be a difficult task given how bright these colors are.

  1. Avoid Printed Tees

Many men over thirties still continue wearing tees that have printed images. Stop doing it. Never buy any such clothes again. These are primarily for kids and teenagers. You are well past that age. As such, if you continue wearing such clothes, you will likely look immature. Ditching such clothes and opting for a dress that suits the adult in you will definitely help you improve the way people will perceive you.

  1. Consider Your Personality

Do consider your personality before you finalize buying any dress. You should only buy clothes that fits your personality. Otherwise, there is a strong chance that you might look ridiculous in the dress and will lose your confidence because of the stares people will give you.  For example, if you are an introvert person by nature, then you should ideally stay away from wearing loose fitting clothes and bling jewelry to give off the gangster vibe since the way you have dressed does not match your personality one bit.

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  1. Awesome These things are necessary to keep in mind

  2. Awesome These things are necessary to keep in mind

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