Simple Tips to Lighten Up Tired Eyes

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Believe it or not, it is possible to tell what is going on in your life by looking at your eye area. Whether you have been working late into the night, pulling an all-nighter for an exam, or partying hard into the wee hours of the morning, your eyes can tell the whole story.

We believe that you do not like being an open book and therefore would like as a person who has had enough rest. Well, you are in luck as in this piece, we shall provide you with different tips through which you could brighten up your tired eyes.

Read on to find out more.

Causes of Dark Circles and Under-Eye Puffs

This condition is known as periorbital hyperpigmentation and could be linked to your genetic composition. The same applies to permanent under-eye pouches, which are facial features that you could have inherited from your lineage. 

These features tend to be extreme due to several reasons:

*The Dark Circles

There are many reasons why these circles could show up around the eyes. However, the main reason for their existence is due to the thin skin stretching over a conglomeration of purple vessels and muscles.

*The Under-eye Bags

These puffy lower lids or bags occur due to the tissue around that region filling with water. And as we grow older, the fatty tissue within the socket and upper lid could fall, resulting in even more water retention.

But why are they prominent in the morning? It is probably because the fluid had the time to accumulate as you slept while the bags tend to disappear if we have been in a vertical position for a while.

How to Lighten Up the Tired Eyes

So how do I fix this issue? Well, we have provided you with the tips below:

I) Firm Up the Area

Caffeine is known to tighten up the skin when applied topically. So, you could place moist black tea bags over your eyes for about five minutes, or you could apply an eye cream with caffeine as one of its ingredients.

II) Get More Sleep

One of the main reasons for this condition is lack of sufficient sleep, and you should do your best to get a few more hours of sleep and If there doesn’t seem to be any improvement, trying pooping your head slightly as you sleep. 

Further, you should also remove any makeup before sleeping as it may end irritating the surrounding skin.

III) Lifestyle Adjustments

You could also make some changes to your lifestyle, such as cutting down on coffee, reduce sugar intake or salty snacks. These are a few factors that could be impeding your sleep, thereby leaving you with puffy eyes.

IV) Hydrate while Drinking

Whenever you consume alcohol, your blood vessels widen, and this may cause them to leak slightly. This explains the puffiness and reddish cast on your skin, and you should make a point of drinking enough water as you take your pints of alcohol.

V) Hemorrhoid Cream

As disgusting as it sounds, this cream has an ingredient called phenylephrine which constricts blood vessels and would help reduce the under-eye bags. 

VI) Blink more

Whenever you stare at your computer or TV screen for long hours, you will find yourself involuntarily blinking less. So, ensure you take regular breaks from your digital devices and use the time to refresh your eyes.

Closing Remark 

Of course, there are other ways of lightening up those tired and puffy eyes, but you could never go wrong with the ones we have discussed above. And if you are consistent with the actions, you will no longer have to worry about waking up in the morning looking like a ghost!

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