Simple ways to make your loved one’s birthday special

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Every day is not a birthday; thus, we must make that one day special for the ones we love. These are small gestures of love and affection that count and can make a whole lot of a difference to the people around us.

“Birthdays are special; make sure that that the celebrator does feel beyond special. It has to be their day.”

Here are a few DIY ideas that are simple, easy, and fun to perform and guarantee to help you celebrate a memorable birthday.


Get crafty for them. Bring a mason jar that you can decorate yourself. Use glitter, ribbons, stickers, and even paints. Paint the insides and decorate them from the outside. You can even use a mod podge, so everything stays intact and in its place. Then get colourful papers, or maybe keep a theme and use parchment papers to write something like 100 reasons why I love you, X things that make you unique, X secrets that I never told you, or anything along those lines but a customized message for your loved one.

X can be their age, by the way.

Bake a cake

Yes! This idea is never old. Regardless of their age, everyone wants to blow candles on their special day and make a wish. What can be better than them getting to blow the candles put on a cake baked by you? Use the flavours that they love the most. And no, cakes are not very difficult to bake. You can check online for the ingredients that you’d need or the equipment and tools that may be essential to bake and decorate a perfect cake at home. Getting baking tools such as a cake decorating turntable can unfathomably help you decorate a cake at home.

These tools aren’t just for one-time use. You can keep baking and decorating cakes for all special occasions.

Word of caution: handle the oven with care. We do not want you to burn yourself.

A box full of happiness

Go shopping for them.

Get a beautiful basket, ribbons, and a few gifts that you can put in it. If you are not on a budget, you can be creative with their birthday number. For example, put 15 presents if they turn 15. Some of these could be a card, perfume, a shirt, a stuffed toy,  or any other thing that your special someone seems to love.

You can also put a gift card inside to buy something as per their preference and maybe a set of PJs. Put their favourite snacks inside.


Get in touch with all of their friends and ask them to send some special message for the celebrator. You can handwrite the messages, enclose each of them in a separate envelope, and present them to your loved one.

Ta-da, they have a memory to cherish for the years to come.

If you are acquainted with the concept of “happy birthday from around the world,” then you can probably do that too. You can make use of any social media platform (but some pages that would not reveal your idea to the celebrator). Ask people in different parts of the world to write “happy birthday from (Spain, Paris, Italy, or whichever location you want) and post a picture of it with a landmark that signifies that place in the background. 

A tape

You can put their favourite songs in a playlist or maybe a few pieces that deliver a specific kind of message. For example, if they are turning 22, then put 22 different songs with a letter, put a voice recording between the songs to tell them which music has been added in what context, and tell them why you want them to listen to this one. The 22nd song can be the birthday jingle, however.

You do not always have to put “Happy birthday to you…” there are other birthday songs that have been released, and you can make use of them.

Pamper them

Yes, we all have been a bit too busy in our lives that we barely get time to tend to ourselves. This is your turn to make them realize how well they have been doing, and they also deserve to rest a bit. Get them a paid spa voucher. If going out isn’t feasible, then get them something like a spa at home.

Gift them a home spa set so they can tend themselves at home.

They would love it.

A DIY birthday card

It really should not make a difference if they are away, obviously, excluding the emotional part of it.

Get a picture of you and them, put it on a card, decorate the card with glitter and cute stickers, put a meaningful message inside, and maybe post it? There are special delivery services that deliver the packages right at midnight or any time of the day you want them to. Make use of these.

If you cannot find one, you can use local courier services that offer scheduled deliveries, which means the card would not be delivered before the time you want it to be delivered.

Last but not least,

Sing for them

It may sound mainstream, but we cannot impress upon this more.

This can be done for your child, parent, partner, or even your best friend. If your loved one is away, leave a voicemail or record a video for them. Gather a few people they would love to see or hear and then sing the birthday jingle for them. Put in on a CD or make it transferable, so even after many years, they can replay it.

You can write a customized birthday song for them. Maybe put stuff that somehow signifies details related to them.

Make this birthday their best birthday ever.

Bottom line

Birthdays are special occasions. We do not need Hagrid to tell us that it is not every day that a boy turns 11. Yes, we do not live in the wizarding world of harry potter but isn’t it magical when we are surrounded by the people we love? This is your turn to make your loved ones feel special and make their special day extraordinary.

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