Simple Ways To Maximize Energy And Focus

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Our brain cannot work in parallel, so the main problem when it is not possible to concentrate is other thoughts that wander in the head. It is because of these distracting thoughts that it is so difficult to get down to business.

Work within a convenient schedule

You probably noticed that you are able to focus better at certain times of the day. Most people find it difficult to work between 12 and 16 hours – just then they feel that they are not able to concentrate on the task and successfully complete it.

Best of all, we cope with the stress in the morning, when the brain has already woken up, the stomach has received a portion of breakfast, and cortisol, a hormone that stimulates us to act, has been released into the bloodstream.

You may have your own personal schedule. You can work most productively during the day or evening if the work permits.

Do not be distracted

Often we check e-mail or go to the social network “on the machine”, which takes a lot of time. To save it and spend it on work, watch what you do. If you are worried that you may miss an important letter, set up sending notifications to the desktop: when the letter appears, you will definitely know about it.

Take breaks

Even if you like your work, it’s very difficult to do it for several hours without a break. Especially if you work in this mode constantly. In order not to lose concentration (and at the same time interest in work), take short breaks, ideally – for short walks in the fresh air.

Forget multitasking

Although our brain can do several things at the same time, it does it badly. If you have a lot of work, make a list of tasks in order of importance of their implementation and stick to this plan.

Do what you like

If you constantly carry out boring instructions from your boss, you will soon cease to worry about the quality of work and you will do it “for a show”. Either take on other responsibilities, or figure out how to diversify the work, or even change it. This is not as scary as it seems: sometimes employment takes less time and energy than the fight against chronic fatigue and emotional burnout.

Train mindfulness

Do this by any means available. You can train mindfulness with the help of special exercises that take 10-15 minutes a day, you can meditate, you can take frequent breaks to rest, allowing the brain to switch from work to something more pleasant. Which option to stop, you choose.

Chew gum

Yes, that sounds strange, but studies show that chewing gum enhances the flow of oxygen to the parts of the brain that are responsible for attention. Regular chewing of chewing gum also improves long-term memory and increases the level of insulin in the blood, which provides additional energy.

Make a plan

Many people know that before the main training, athletes warm-up, making light movements. Warming up exercises improve blood circulation and tone muscles. After warming up, the athlete has more strength than without him and it is easier for him to start the main part of the training.

Warming up is a preparatory stage, an intermediate state, which provides a smoother transition between the resting state and the load.

The situation is approximately the same with the brain, as mentioned above when we are just starting a new business, then at the initial stage our brain needs to rebuild the neuron connections to this task, and this process is time-consuming.

Therefore, it is difficult to concentrate at first. But if you warm up, that is, start restructuring the connections of not all neurons, but some part, then it will be much easier to concentrate.

Remove unnecessary sounds

Just like moving objects, unexpected and unpleasant sounds distract us greatly. Sounds as well as moving objects are a bright indicator of possible danger. Therefore, whether we want it or not, sounds will distract us and prevent us from concentrating. If you work in a team you can wear earplugs (earplugs) or headphones (you can even without music). Another way to remove unnecessary sounds is to listen to your music on headphones, but one that would not really excite you and not overly slow down.

Don’t eat sweets

Confectionery: buns, pastries, biscuits, sugar, sweets, and the like are called fast carbohydrates, because they are quickly broken down in the stomach, unlike complex carbohydrates such as cereals. Confectionery products are similar to paper, which quickly burns at the stake and gives a lot of heat, and cereals like logs that burn slowly and give heat for a long time. From confectionery appears fatigued, lack of energy. From fatigue, the tone decreases, the desire to do something and the concentration drops to extremely low values.

You may already be observing some of these principles, while other items on the list may seem excessive. You can adopt these tips or come up with something of your own – most importantly, remember that there are many ways to work more productively, not be distracted by nothing, and make the most of every moment of life.

Ben Grant finished his study last year but is already a true expert when it comes to presenting a text in a creative and understandable manner. Now he’s a writer for TropicHealthClub. Ben is thirsty for knowledge and is always on the lookout for tips to share with his readers.

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