Six Tips for Foodies visiting Sevierville

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The beautiful Sevierville with great smoky mountains.

When roaming around in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in Sevierville, you will come across many eateries serving Southern and Western-style gourmet dishes, barbecues, fast food joints, and breakfast spots.

As a foodie, you will love snacking on a wide variety of chicken and seafood dishes, succulent desserts, ice creams, wine tasting, live cooking, spice blends to recreate your version of Sevierville cuisines, and roasting marshmallows and ribs during bonfires.

Besides that, this article will guide you to the best eateries in town, all close to one another, with convenient locations and an easy approach.

Whether you crave a bowl of soup during your winter getaway or want donuts for breakfast, Sevierville has it all. You can avail the option of dine-in or takeaway, in addition to exploring new cafes and restaurants on Google maps.

When in the Smokys, you will find several treats for your taste buds with live entertainment, music, and interactive shows, elevating your food experience. So list these and add them to your food itinerary for your next mountain adventure.

1.   Wine Walks

Spend a laid-back evening in Sevierville, and what better way to do that than with wine walks and tastings? When going food and drink shopping in Sevierville TN, you will come across a variety of local breweries, homemade blends, shops, clubs, and free samples.

Experiment with a variety of drinks and tantalize your taste buds with flavors of chocolate, strawberry, and cinnamon, among a variety of other flavors.

Get a chance to explore new flavors at the foothills of the Great Smokys while you enjoy your company.

2.   Build Your Donut and eat it

Named after the Sevier County Courthouse and right across from it, Courthouse Donuts is for the sweet tooth to satisfy their occasional cravings. The best thing about this joint is you get to make your donuts. So you can combine your creative juices with your sweet cravings, build a donut coated in chocolate syrup, maple syrup, vanilla, or glaze, and top it with either desiccated coconut, colored sprinklers, butterfingers, fruity fingers, powdered sugar, Oreo or pecans, or a combination of some.

You can get donuts with different flavors, coatings, and toppings and try them all. Exploring flavors is also a part of the adventure.

The place also serves sandwiches, salads, and pretzel rolls with spinach, ham, pineapple, sweet chili sauce, and cheese. End your meal with another dessert of Donut Bread Pudding. Therefore, you can also stop for lunch or brunch at this place.

3.   Explore Thai Cuisine

Thai Basil is the place to be if you are looking for some good Thai food. It has been serving world-class Thai cuisine since it opened its doors in 2012. Its exterior resembles a strip mall and serves authentic Thai cuisine to all its visitors.

It uses Thai basil in most dishes, bean sprouts, Thai chili peppers, and kaffir lime leaves. Naturally, therefore, the name fits the bill.

Their menu includes a variety of noodles and pasta dishes with Pad Thai, in which you can choose the spice level. Other than that, it includes fried rice, Ocean’s 5 seafood platter including mussels, crab, shrimp, scallops, squids, coconut curry peanut sauce with steamed spinach called Rama Curry, and Pad Prik Stir Fry with a special sauce.

However, ordering Crab Meat Cheese Roll is the best way to start your lunch or dinner. It is one of the best starters to Thai meals.

4.   Visit the Bush’s Beans Visitor Center

Previously known as AJ Bush and Company General Store, it now houses one of the best beans and related products in town, along with a gift shop, theatre, and a museum. This way, you get access to everything under one roof, just half an hour’s drive away from Sevierville.

You can access Bush’s Baked Beans secret recipe displayed in the museum as a laser-protected book. It is a generations-old recipe passed down to the date and includes a story of the family farm and how it turned into a global food chain.

The gift shops also stock relevant merchandise, including cookbooks, cookware, and goods at wholesale rates.

The café offers authentic and the best Baked Beans in the World and Pinto Pie.

5.   Shop at Pepper Palace

Here, you will find all the unique ingredients your kitchen spice cabinet has been missing. The locals call it the Planet’s Number One Hot Shop because it includes a variety of hot sauces, chili sauce, barbecue sauce, salsa, pepper sauce, pickles, dips, seasonings including Italian spices, and different flavors of jellies.

What makes it so unique is that all the spices and sauces are hand-blended and crafted by the place’s owners in small batches to assure quality and flavor-richness. They use all-natural ingredients, and customers can shop online from the store.

In addition, you can taste the free samples before buying to get an idea of the flavors it offers. While you do that, you can get in on the behind-the-scenes action and see how the six-person kitchen crew gets to work and follow them through all the production stages, from procuring the natural ingredients to bottling the final product.

6.   Explore the Apple Barn Cider Mill

The Apple Farm includes a general store, cider room, bar, an ice cream parlor, a candy factory, and an apple pie kitchen.

Here, you will find a variety of apple dishes, including fried apple pies, apple dumplings, and donuts, along with sweet tarts and apple ciders. All the apple candies are handmade and procured from fresh farm ingredients. In addition, you will find apple ice creams at the Apple Barn Winery with free tastings.

The Applewood Farm restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner and is one of the oldest places in Sevierville.


Sevierville is a small town at the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains offering various options for foodies to explore. The place includes Thai cuisine, donut shops, wine walks, complimentary wine tastings, and freshly baked beans, with an opportunity to shop from various beans.

In addition, you get to shop for fresh ingredients, including homemade spice blends and seasonings. If you were a fan of apples, you would enjoy exploring the apple farms, general stores, and restaurants.

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