Skills For Life You Need To Teach Your Children

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As parents, we want our kids to be able to take care of themselves when they head out into the world so it’s important to teach them when they are young.  That’s why these Skills For Life You Need To Teach Your Children are so important.  As hard as it may be, it’s important to stop over-helping them and teach them how to do things for themselves. It’s never too early to start.

Skills For Life You Need To Teah Your Children are vital to their future. Check out our top skills for life, you need to teach kids along with loving them!

Skills For Life You Need To Teach Your Children

1. Do their laundry. Laundry is one of the best ways to teach your kids to be independent. They will probably need supervision at first, but it won’t take them long to get the hang of it. Show them how to sort their clothes and what cycle and temperature to use for each load. It may help them to have a chart in the laundry room showing them the basics.

If your machine is a top-load, you may need to keep a step stool handy for them. Show them how the washer and dryer work and watch to make sure they understand what to do. Once you’re confident that they know how to do it, give them space and independence to take care of it themselves.  I also love using the pop-up mesh laundry baskets since they are easy for kids to carry.

2. Teach them to cook. They may not be ready to use knives or cook on the stovetop without adult supervision, but there are plenty of kitchen skills they can learn. Teach them how to make a snack that doesn’t require cooking. There are several great cookbooks for kids that they may enjoy using.  I love the Betty Crocker Junior Cookbook.

Let them choose a recipe they like and give it a try. Teach them to bake. Using measuring cups and spoons will help them improve their math skills and teach them how to properly measure for a recipe. The more they are able to do, the more confident they will become.  I love knowing that skills for life like this are being learned early and learned well.  Teaching them means I can ensure they are using the right steps and methods for safety.

3. Pitch in. Kids should learn how to contribute around the house. When they grow up, this is an important skill that will carry over to their job. Set them up with a list of chores they can easily handle like watering the plants or picking up the toys in the playroom. Teach them the importance of helping others out. If a sibling needs a little extra help, teach your child it’s important to help. It will come back to them when they need it.

4. Stand up for themselves. If your child is having trouble with a teacher or coach, talk to them about how to handle it on their own. One day they won’t have you to speak for them and they will need to know how to address these issues for themselves. If they feel they weren’t treated fairly, talk to them about how to approach the teacher and what they should say. Teach them to be respectful but ask why they were treated the way they were. Teach them to listen openly to the response they receive so they can understand what they need to change in the future.

5. Place their order at a restaurant. Kids should be able to politely and effectively communicate their order to a restaurant server. Teach them to look the server in the eye and remember to say “please” and “thank you.” If they have a special request, let them know that they need to tell the server. Having the confidence to speak up for what they want is a skill they’ll always need.  This is one of the kids favorite skills for life to explore since it helps them to feel more grown up.

Teaching your children skills for life is more than just sending them to school each day.  These things are necessary for giving them independence and the ability to take care of themselves as adults.

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