Skincare Routine: The Only Guide You’ll Need

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Skincare Routine

Skincare is the set of tasks and products one applies to take care of the skin, more specifically the face. The skincare routine is as important as choosing the right outfit for the day, and that is because it is the first thing someone would notice in your first interaction with them.

Your face is the mirror that reflects everything about you; your character, your strength and weakness, your ambition, your dedication, and your personality. Skincare is a way to avoid skin problems and, more importantly, to boost one’s self-confidence. People are sometimes insecure about their skin and their flaws, and by following a skincare routine, those fears will fade away and leave space for self-assurance and mental strength.

Following a skincare routine will ensure the preservation and the glowing of the skin on a daily basis. However, when looking up the choices of practices, one may easily get lost in the many suggestions for different products. There’s too much information about which products you should use and the right order to use them.

So, you need to research the offers well and choose the right products for your skin. Once you understand the ingredients your skin needs and the type of your skin, finding the perfect moisturizer or toner is easy. However, you also need to take a good look at the basic skincare routine order you need to follow, so continue reading.

Double Cleanse

A good skincare routine starts by cleaning the skin’s surface so that the products can penetrate it easily. The double cleanse includes removing the remaining makeup, sweat, bacteria, oils, and dead skin from the face. This step is important because it builds a good basis for the remaining skincare tasks as it allows the products to be used to be more effective and efficient.

Cleansing can start with a gentle face wash. If the skin is dry, it is preferable to have an alcohol-free cleanser. Meanwhile, if the skin is oily, it is better to choose an oil-free cleanser, and if the skin is acne-prone, it’s vital to use a creamy cleanser. The skin should be smooth and fresh after use. 


Exfoliators are used to treat facial acne. It functions as a pore-unclog as it removes dead skin and clears the pores. This practice is sometimes intertwined with the double cleanse process, but it’s also important to explore it on its own.

Exfoliators are usually presented as face masks or clay masks. It is not an everyday practice but rather something you would do once or twice a week, for it can be a bit rigid when taking away all the dirt from the face and hence irritates the skin even more. So, avoid the overuse of exfoliating, especially for sensitive skins. After applying the mask, wash the surface gently with warm water and pat it dry.


Toners are usually used to calm the skin as it’s restoring the nutrients from the previous product that was used. They’re composed of hydrating ingredients, and they help preserve the skin’s safety.


Retinol is a game-changer. It’s vitamin A-based and adds a glow to the skin by softening skin cells and controlling the acne-prone skin. It helps with fine lines and affects the skin by adding a fresher, smoother, and younger glow to it. However, it requires consistency in use to get results.

Some are skeptical about using retinol products as they are acid-based or contain alcohol that might affect the skin. Then again, retinol is surprisingly efficient even in summer. It works like magic when protected with sunscreen when exposed to the sun. The trick remains in choosing the right product according to the skin type and using a small amount, especially when the skin is not used to retinol, thus allowing the skin to adjust to the product.


Whenever you wash your face, make sure you use moisturizers. They hydrate the skin and do not interfere with make-up. It can be used during the day or simply at night. Moisturizers function as a barrier to the face to keep it healthy and bright. It also keeps all the products used previously underneath it to raise its effectiveness.

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