Small Businesses Ideas for the At-Home Entrepreneur

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The pandemic of COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdowns worldwide are requiring people of all walks of life to adapt. You may be among the ranks of newly unemployed and looking for ways to profit from your free time. Tons of business need remote services, and many entrepreneurs seek to work from home as save on overhead costs. Here are a few ideas to go into business from home to keep the money coming amid Coronavirus layoffs.

Home and Commercial Cleaning Services

Cleanliness is a focus point of private citizens and businesses alike, and as a service niche, it offers real sustainability. Commercially, two or three cleaning contracts can provide a decent monthly income. Importantly, the handling of some concentrated cleaners requires certifications, so be sure to acquire those or use other products. Also, for home cleaners, homeowners with special needs are a market that you can serve beyond quarantine.

By making those connections now, you set your business up well for the long term. Within the field of consumer-direct cleaning, your options extend beyond traditional maid-services. You can specialize in carpet or window cleaning or any number of various cleaning services that require less frequent applications, like outdoor siding and signs. Think about Direct Liquidation when buying materials to start and operate your business.

Freelance Writing

Writing is a learned skill, natural to hone, and it’s easy to monetize. Companies all over the world need writers fluent in various languages. If you have the skills to write copy for companies or if you know a lot about a particular subject or product, you can write blogs that amplify their brand message. Companies and employers usually work with freelancers on a contractual basis and pay per article or contract.

If you contract with an agency, you can expect to write on varying topics related to business, like tracking OKRS or B2B marketing. There have been a lot of moms impacted by the pandemic and its fallout. Many “Mommy blogs” pay contributors to write on topics that relate to their subject matter and audience. You can network online and write for several outlets and generate a steady full or part-time income.

Dog Walking

Seems simple enough, right? While it seems pretty straightforward, dog walking is regulated differently in different states. Consider all the licensing and training required to offer this service. Though this service is low tech, it is thoughtful, and tons of busy and traveling people rely on it to take care of their furry companions. Additional services that your dog walking business can offer are pet-sitting and obedience training.

Get the word out in apartment complexes, and you can walk dogs in a small pack for blocks of time, ranging from fifteen minutes up to an hour. Always work with your customers contractually and offer an explicit service agreement. Keep good records and carry insurance in case of an incident. Pets are an extension of the family unit. If people trust you with their dog, they will expect the reassurance that you are utilizing all of the best practices.

Hustle Your Side Hustle

In whatever you choose to undertake as a side hustle. Make sure you do that, hustle. Whether you decide to clean homes, walk dogs, or to write to supplement your income amidst the pandemic and lockdowns, hustle, and market yourself.

Remember that in providing these types of services, you’re solving problems for people. If consumers and contractors alike can depend on you, then they will do just that. The tendency, especially in freelance writing, is that the more someone can rely on you, then the more work they offer you. Even still, people have to know that you’re open for business. So, get the word out and hustle your side hustle.

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