Smart Ways to Name Your Pets

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Are you struggling to find a suitable name for your cuddle buddy? Here’s a guide to help you out.

For the most part, the process of bringing home a new pet from your local animal shelter or a pet adoption center is a breeze; it’s exciting and filled with emotions. The real problem shows up when it’s time to give them a name. If you have decided on a name way before the actual pickup date, then congratulations, you have already overcome the tough part. However, many people wait until they come home to start naming their pets; most of the time, they’re stuck scratching their heads.

It should not feel like anything impossible but giving your pet an endearing name is very important. Pets not only bring families together, but they also complete them! Therefore, when you finally bring home your little friend, you want to make them a permanent member of your family by giving them an appropriate name.

As mentioned earlier, sometimes that can be a difficult task.  So without wasting time let’s find out how to easily choose the perfect name for your pet.

Use a Pet Name Generator

The internet is full of helpful solutions to some of the most tedious problems – that includes your pet naming crisis. For those of you who are absolutely clueless, a pet name generator is your best bet. 

Some might think that pet name generators are a gimmick – but they aren’t! I personally had a hard time naming my pets because I could not find a name that is meaningful; pretty often, meaningful names aren’t the simplest or befitting for pets. 

Pet name generators are awesome. They are equipped with a bunch of filters that allows you to find a name based on the kind of animal, the gender, and in some cases, based on specific themes. It’s the fastest and easiest way to find a tonne of good names – and is literally on the tip of your fingers! So if you’re picky like me or are a little lost, then give this a go.

Choose Names From A Different Language

Sometimes the best way to find a name is to look for it in other languages. This solves the problem of the names being too common or difficult. Take the name “Sora” for example. In Japanese, “Sora” means “Sky”. Sky is a name that is pretty common, but Sora is not. As a plus, if you are a fan of anime then these kinds of names will be great. 

Another good example is the name “Hanuel” (pronounced as haa-nool), which is the Korean word for “cloud” – this name would be perfect for a beautiful white Pomeranian or a fluffy ragdoll. This will be most suitable for all K-pop and K-drama fanatics. 

The last example is “Schatzi” (pronounced as shaat-zee), which is German for “little treasure”. These are some of my personal favorites, as they are cute and meaningful at the same time.

Go for Simple Names

It is highly recommended that you look for names that are simple; easy to pronounce and simple enough for your pet to pick up with time. 

Imagine the names “Victoria” and “Vinnie” (they both have similar meanings). Victoria is a name that sounds too intense and isn’t the most fitting for a pet. Vinnie on the other hand is not only fun and lighthearted, it’s most likely to be picked up easily by your pet. Keep things nice and concise.

Avoid Naming your Pets After Fictional Creatures

If you’re someone who enjoys fiction, then you can get away with some names, like Frodo or Loki for example. With fictional creatures, dragon or unicorn is where I draw the line. 

Don’t name your pets after creatures you encounter in video games, movies or TV shows. It’s best not to get carried away by our fascinations. Even if you do want to resort to fictional names, then do make sure you pick out something subtle.

Make Sure Your Pets Have Distinct Names

If you have multiple pets at home, make sure that their names aren’t similar to each other. This might end up creating confusion between your pets. For example, the names Coby and Toby sound too much alike and your pets might get confused about who you’re calling for.

Choose A Name Based on Your Pet’s Personality

When all else fails, look for a name that best suits the personality of your pet. 

The best part is you can take your time with the naming process. Once you bring your pet home, don’t rush with names. Instead, you try to bond with your pet for a few days? Consider studying their behavior; What do they do when they need food? How do they respond to guests, or how do they usually play when they are by themselves? 

Once you have a better understanding of their personality, their name will come to you naturally. If your cat or dog is robust and playful in nature, then you can consider naming them “Skittles”. If your pet loves to run around a lot, why not name them “Dash”? There are so many options when you think of a name based on their personalities, so get creative!

To Conclude

At the end of the day, giving your pet a name is your personal choice, so you don’t have to rely on any guide. Simply use this as a reference or a way to get more ideas about your pet’s name. When you finally do select a few names, go with whatever you most like

It would also be a good idea to discuss with your family or roommates the name of your new companion. Having others pitching in certainly does make things easier. 

I hope this will prove helpful to you. Congratulations on getting a new pet, and good luck.

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