Smart Ways To Prepare Your Home For Spring

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As the spring season approaches, your house may need a little maintenance after those cold winter months. It’s always good when your home reflects how you feel—after all, a cluttered, messy house can be a bit of a downer, and affect your mood. But it’s not all about appearance; the upkeep of your home is also about safety and health. 

A fresh, clean house makes for a happy home, so here are a few ways to prepare your home for the season, with some spring cleaning tips. 

Clean Windows

When it’s time to make your home all spick and span, you start scrubbing away on those windows, making sure that you have a perfectly clear screen to look at the view, now that those cloudy, rainy skies have disappeared. However, many people tend to forget that the exterior windows also need a lot of upkeep as the seasons change. It is best to hire a window-cleaning service to give your windows the thorough cleanse they need. When looking for a cleaner, make sure to check out their website for testimonials or reviews so that you would know what to expect. Most companies could even provide a quote instantly if you reach out to them online. Windows are the eyes of your home, and they protect you and your family from dust, dirt, and other unwanted elements. So, they should be your top priority when you spruce up for spring.

Replace All Filters

After each season, it is highly recommended that you replace water filters, range hood filters, and air vent filters. These should be checked and replaced every three to six months to ensure there is no damage to your appliances, and to maintain cleanliness.

Declutter Your Home 

You should be decluttering your home frequently, as it’s the best way to keep pollen, mold, and dust out of your house. Leaving materials or objects unattended just allows them to collect dust, which puts you and your family’s health at risk, especially if one of you suffers from allergies. The best way to keep the air in your home clean is to declutter each room weekly. 

Clean Showerheads and Faucets

Remove showerheads, faucet aerators, and sink heads to give them a thorough clean. With these being used daily, you will want to make sure they are free of germs and dirt. Soak these items in water and vinegar for at least an hour and then rinse them with warm water before screwing them back onto their components. 

Check Your Foundation Vents

Vents along the foundation walls establish air circulation. Checking them thoroughly will prevent creepy crawlies from entering your home, as well as mold growth and extra moisture. After the winter season, these vents will have collected leaves and debris, so you will want to clean them out just in time for spring; this is also a good time to make sure no damage has occurred to the screens. 

Check Your Smoke Alarms

Many people often forget to check their smoke alarms, nor do they realize the batteries must be changed approximately every six months. Test your smoke alarms and detectors to ensure the safety of your family. 

Unclog Your Dryer Vents

If your dryer vent gets clogged, this could be a fire hazard. Make sure you disconnect the vent and give it a thorough clean, and remember to piece it back together properly to ensure it is working. 

Clean Outdoor Furniture 

If you have an outdoor area or garden, then it has probably been neglected during the winter season. Spring weather is a time for outdoor events and BBQ parties, so make sure the furniture, tabletops, and grill are all clean before use. Even if you have put these items in storage during the cold months, they will still have collected dust after having been out of use for a while. 

Clean the Gutters

You can always hire a cleaning service to get down and dirty when it comes to this type of maintenance. However, if you take pride in your DIY skills, then all you need is a ladder to check your gutters. Wear gloves before removing any debris, and use a garden hose to finish it off. 

To really bask in the glory of the spring season, we must prepare our homes for it. This way, we ensure that we can relax and feel safe as we soak up the sun in our gardens. Those gloomy winter days are gone, and to fully indulge in the sunny spring weather with our family barbecues, we would want to know that our home is as fresh as we feel. Make sure your home gets the spring cleaning it needs so that you can enter the warmer seasons without any hassle or inconvenience.

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