Some Pro Hunter Advice About Hunting In The Wild

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Hunting is a great pastime, so no wonder why so many people go on hunting excursions into the wild every year. But if you’re new to the sport, heading out on your first excursion can seem like a daunting task. Before going out into the wild you need to be sure your gun and ammunition are all up to standard so you won’t get caught off guard when opportunity strikes. Another important bit of advice is to make sure you’ve brushed up on your survival skills so you will be prepared for the unexpected. Finally, you’ll need to learn how to stalk and track your prey. It’s not that hard with some practice, but it wouldn’t hurt to learn a few tricks from experts. This article will go over some bits of advice for first-time hunters who are planning on going on a hunting excursion into the wild. 

Prepare Your Gun

It’s critical you properly maintain your gun before you head out into the bushes. If you already have a gun, give it a good clean then check to see if there is any wear and tear to its internal parts. If you find any parts that are damaged, replace them immediately or even consider getting yourself a better, new gun. Also, don’t forget to check your scope and see if it’s still aligned and functioning properly since you don’t want to miss your mark when a prized buck appears in your sights. One of the best ways to test your scope is to take your gun out to a shooting range and fire off a few well-aimed shots, this also serves as excellent practice for when you go out into the wild. Lastly, check all your ammunition to see if they’re in working condition or if you make them yourself be sure to pump out enough to last you for your expedition. 

Brush Up On Your Survival Skills

When you’re hunting in the wild, odds are that you won’t be too far from civilization during your expedition, but nevertheless it’s important that you know your survival basics before you head out. The first step is to get some survival gear you can take with you into the woods. If you have trouble figuring out which sort of equipment you’ll need, this resource has some great informative reviews on survival equipment that are absolutely necessary for any hunter. You don’t want to be bringing an item that would fail to work properly when you truly need it most. In your survival kit, be sure to include a compass, waterproof matches, a first aid kit, emergency food, rope, a foil blanket, and even a satellite phone. Learn the application of each of the pieces of equipment and you should be prepared for the average survival situation. Having a good hunting knife is also important to have aside from helping you clean the animals you hunt, as is a pocket knife sharpener. It can be used to craft plenty of wooden implements like tent poles or stakes for roasting food. If you’re caught out in the wild for whatever the reason, it’s also that you know how to make a good fire. A simple “log cabin” technique is a great way to stay warm and can even be successfully constructed in the rain. 

Learn To Stalk Your Prey

Stalking is frowned upon in society but when it comes to game animals it’s a must and the first step to successful stalking in camouflage. Make sure your camo fits in well with the area you plan on hunting in so you can blend in well with your surroundings. Although you may end up hunting in an area few people visit, be sure to always wear your orange vest to prevent any unwanted accidents. You also want to camouflage your scent to the animal you want to hunt so be sure to avoid wearing any products like perfumes and colognes when you head out on your trip. If you want to be a little more hardcore you could even rub some animal skat on your body to reduce your sent profile. Another important factor in stalking your prey is to be sure you will not be heard by the animal. Go out to your closest wooded area and practice walking as silently as possible. Avoiding stepping in dry twigs is a must!

Hunting trips can be an easy way to add some excitement to your life,  but if it’s your first time going into the wild then you need to be properly prepared. First of all, you need to be sure to inspect your gun, scope, and ammo so that they all function properly while on the hunt. Next, brush up on your survival skills so you can be prepared for whatever situation the wilderness can throw at you. Finally, practice how to properly stalk prey beforehand, learn their behavior and how to lure them properly. Hunting is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding sports there is, however, proper knowledge is what separates professionals to newbies. Be sure to make use of what you have learned today and you’ll be guaranteed a more enjoyable hunting experience.

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