Some Trends in Wireless Headphone Shopping in Singapore

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Many people are using wireless headphones for speaking on their smartphones or listening to music when outdoors. Compared to other electronic gadgets, the headphones are more likely to get spoiled quickly because of the dirt and sweat they are exposed to. Hence people in Singapore are always interested in finding suitable suppliers of high quality and reasonably priced headphones. While there are many electronics brands selling wireless headphones, some of the important factors which should be considered when a person will shop wireless headphones in Singapore are discussed below.


Many people are using the wireless headphone only for listening to music and recreational purposes. They will replace the headphone if it is not working properly after a few years. Hence many people are interested in getting the best price for the headphone which they purchase. They are more likely to purchase a headphone at a low price, even if it is not the latest technology. For example the Nakamichi HDR1059 wireless headphones are some of the most popular headphones in online stores since they are priced at a discounted price of only $55.90 compared to list price of $185. Two Nakamichi headphones are available for $99 for a further discount.

Sound quality

There are many professionals especially in sales, marketing who are using their wireless headphones while speaking to their client or office colleagues. It is important for them to ensure that the sound quality is excellent, that they are not disturbed by the background noise when outdoors or in public places. Hence they are willing to pay more for the newest models of headphones incorporating the latest in noise cancellation technology. So though the Sony headphones are expensive costing more than $400 they are popular since they incorporate the latest technology for excellent audio quality.

Battery life

The wireless headphones are mainly used outdoors, while traveling, so that the surrounding noise does not affect the sound quality. These headphones will typically use a rechargeable Lithium ion battery. The user cannot use the headphones if the battery is drained, or while the headphones are being charged, so they will prefer to purchase headphones with a longer battery life. So though the Sony headphone is one of the more expensive headphone available online it is popular since it can be used for 30 hours with a fully charged battery, which is more than other brands which can be used only for 20-25 hours continuously


Since the headphones will be worn on the head, it is important to check if they are designed for user comfort. The dimensions of the head of each user will differ so it is important for the headphone to have a provision for adjusting the headphone size to fit the head properly. Since the user may be sweating, especially while outdoors, the material which is being used, should be of good quality, so that it does not cause discomfort to the user, even when it is wet. The ear pads should be made of soft material, and it should be easy to replace them when they are soiled or dirty.

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