Special Tourist Attractions in Antalya

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The name Antalya itself sounds very unique and once you explore the city, you will come to know that the city does all the justice to its name. Well, Antalya has got a lot of places to explore and a lot of activities to do and you could get easy Antalya travel packages for that. However, those who have less time should make a list of the best things to be done there. Here is a list of the best places in the city.


If you love history and historical places, then you will love Perge and the things that are there besides it. In modern times it comes under the Antalya province, but in the past, it was the capital city of Pamphylia Secunda. If we talk about the highlights of this place, then there are ruins of the city once it used to be. It was known as one of the most prosperous cities in the world and those who have even a little knowledge of history know this very well. One could easily see the ruins of the places and things that were used by the people of that time. Even if you don’t like history, you will love this place. People get to learn a lot of things and at the same time enjoy a lot. 

Antalya Marina

Those who love beaches and water bodies are going to love this place. This is an official harbor of Antalya and was opened in the year 1991. If we talk about the route of reaching there, then it takes you to total 30  KMs to reach the place from Antalya Airport and 10 km from the main town. When you look at this place and its surrounding, you will feel like the normal harbor that we see in our respective countries. However, there are a lot of cafes at the shores and one could sit over there and could enjoy the view along with the food. As the day passes on, you could even go on to the shore and could sit on the stones to see the beauty closely. You will be surprised and glad to know that Marina gives you the chance of small hiking too.

Myra town 

The town got its name as Myra as this is situated on the Myro river. This is a very beautiful town of Lycia and come under the Antalya province. The town now is known for the ruins of some of the amazing monuments and sites. Myra actually, is a historic city and it is said that it was so glorious that it was on the verge of becoming the capital city of Lycia. Well, it has got literary mentions also and was a very important city of the Byzantine era. Those who love history and literature will fall in love with this place. This place gives us a glimpse of the buildings that were so important at a point of time but is of no use now. 

These are the special tourist attractions of Antalya. If you manage to visit these places, you will get an idea of the city. 

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