Spring Inspiration in Your Bedroom

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Springtime bedroom design is all about brightening things up with inspiration from the glorious sunshine and blue sky.

We can also take inspiration from daffodils, tulips, lilies, and other seasonal flowers for pops of colour.

Textures like linen, rattan, jute, and silk are fantastic additions to your bedroom this spring and you can layer things up with faux fur and knit throws.

A little warmth with orange tones can make a massive difference to your bedroom’s ambience this spring with a welcome touch of warmth – the last thing you want is an overtly bright bedroom lacking in homely character.

Springtime Textures

Rattan is the ultimate springtime texture because it’s warm yet neutral. The Willis & Gambier Ivory bed frame (pictured below) is a beautiful focal point crafted from solid wood and veneer, but at over £1,500, it’s a pricey one.

Crushed velvet is a warm and modern choice if you prefer upholstered bed frames.

Beyond your bed frame’s texture, look at jute floor rugs, wooden wall décor, and metallic light fixtures for a classical appearance. Think about how different light sources bring out textures and whether you should have downlights or something softer.

Springtime Colours

Pale pinks and warm peaches recall the delicate blossoms of cherry trees and tulips—perfect for feminine spaces and children’s bedrooms.

Soft greens, like sage and mint, reflect the gentle new growth of leaves and grass, going beautifully with Art Deco and mid-century interiors.

Creamy yellows and buttery hues feel like warm sunshine on your skin and can transform small, dark bedrooms into delightful springtime spaces.

Sky blues and robin’s egg tones bring a sense of air and lightness, like a crisp spring breeze -= we adore Farrow & Ball No. 82 Dix Blue.

Lavenders and lilacs add a touch of whimsy and romance reminiscent of fields of wildflowers. And crisp whites and barely-there beiges provide a clean, neutral backdrop for all these pretty pastels to really shine.

The key is to keep things light, airy, and soothing—no harsh brights or deep jewel tones here. Spring is all about renewal, growth, and soft, natural beauty.

Another option for a new bed is the Birlea Leonie in black or oak – this has a French-inspired design with classic styling and is more affordable than the Willis Gambier.

Springtime Décor

A woven storage basket, a set of wooden picture frames, or a jute area rug can all bring a sense of earthy springtime warmth to your space.

Swapping out any heavy, dark art pieces for something a little lighter and brighter – check out King & McGaw for gallery-quality prints or Etsy for original wall art. One large piece of art looks better than several smaller pieces.

Greenery is also crucial for that springtime vibe, with fake flowers being our favourite way to inject seasonal colour. Fake trees and plants look good but lack the natural grace of something real – bonsai trees and exotic plants that’ll survive the cycles of central heating are best when fitting out your bedroom.

Springtime Scents

Getting an electronic air diffuser to disperse seasonal scents is a fantastic way to transform your bedroom’s ambience, or you can buy candles or incense sticks.

Fresh, zesty lemon is a fantastic choice for a morning pick-me-up and freshening the air after a long winter. Lemon & lime also works well.

Another great option is jasmine, a sweet, heady floral scent associated with spring and romance. Try a jasmine-scented room spray or get a small potted jasmine plant.

And don’t overlook the simple, classic aroma of fresh, clean linen – while not a botanical scent per se, it’s a springtime favourite that can make your bedroom feel fresh and inviting.

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