Step by Step Guide to Scrapbooking

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Scrapbooking is a pastime enjoyed by those both young and old. It is the perfect way to share your precious memories and give them a new light. Scrapbooking can take on any form that you want, ranging from embellished photo albums, to journalistic photo memories. Like all art forms, scrapbooking takes time and practice to complete successfully. We’ve created a short step by step guide to scrapbooking below to help bring your memories to life!

  1. Chose a theme

Not all scrapbooks will have the same theme. Your theme will depend on the type of scrapbook that you are creating. Think about it – a scrapbook with WWII photographs and memorabilia won’t really fit well with neon love hearts and smiley faces, so it is important to choose a theme that helps to represent the story you are trying to tell.

  1. Look for inspiration 

Inspiration is everywhere. Start by looking through magazines at the color schemes and photo placements used. These guys are professionals, so they know a thing or two about how to make a page look good. If this doesn’t work for you, head online. There are thousands upon thousands of tutorials, images, and guides to help you, so why not make use of them?

  1. Choose your photos carefully

While photographs are obviously important for a scrapbook, there is a fine line between too many photos and just enough. Some pages will work with one photo, while others may need a series of photos to fully tell a story. Think about this carefully.

  1. Plan out your layout

Before you begin permanently attaching your photos and embellishments to a page, it is really important to plan out your page before you begin. This can save a lot of heartaches if you make a mistake. Simple arrange your page, take a photo, and then adhere them to your scrapbook! If you are stuck on layout design, looking into a scrapbooking coach can be the perfect way to lift your artistic game!

  1. Don’t crop your photos too much!

When the term scrapbook comes to mind, people often think about cutting photographs into cute, freehand shapes to stick around a page. Instead, crop your photos by carefully measuring them out to ensure perfect lines. You can avoid tacky shapes by using borders and embellishments to create any shapes you are hoping to achieve. Pro tip: NEVER cut or crop one of a kind photos! Instead, plan your layout around the entire photograph in question.

  1. Titles

Many scrapbook pages have titles, but it may be wise to consider whether or not this is necessary for the overall feel of your book of memories. Instead of large, distracting titles, why not try adding journaling sections? This way, you can write down short memories, names of people and places in the photos and any other important information. This way, your story will be told with details for many years to come.

  1. Protect your book

Ensure that your masterpiece is well looked after with a quality scrapbook cover, and placed somewhere where it cannot be damaged.

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