Stylish Ways for Dads to Wear a Leather Jacket at the Office

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The dad is the hero of your home. A leather jacket is the most sensible thing a dad needs. Why? It offers well-deserved protection from the elements and imparts a classy look.  No wonder a leather jacket is one of the essential staple pieces in a man’s wardrobe. If you thought leather jackets only flaunt a punk style, it’s time to revise the thought. The plain-looking business casual leather jackets give you the ultimate sophisticated and confident look, the kind you want in an office. 

The Celeb Appeal

Whether Beckham or  Schwarzenegger, every celebrity has leather jackets in his collection of designer and luxury suites. The leather jacket helps you to achieve the perfect blend of savvy and modern look. The leather jackets will let you style in the most casual street style look (for a quick meeting with a friend) or the prepped modern office business casual look, depending on the design or style you choose. Here are some great ways to dress up well to get a business casual look for dads on the cooler side of their demeanor.

Don’t you feel like wearing fashionable clothing to work? However, it is not always possible as casual clothes look quite inappropriate or highly casual for the office. But, with proper styling, you can go for a business casual look, for example, wearing your favorite leather blazer. It is not advisable to wear a leather jacket to your office meetings. But you can still wear a business casual leather jacket on a casual day, especially on Fridays. And if your body is on the heavier side, you can still look great in a leather jacket. Check the basic designs in plus-size leather jackets available online. 

What you need to do

  • Wear lightweight and comfortable leather jackets
  • It is best to stick to basic black and brown tones.
  • Make sure that you mix and match your trousers very well.

Read further to find some of the most popular casual ways to get a business casual look in your office.

Café racer jackets:  They look excellent as they arrive with a pair of minimal designs. Pair the jacket with a button-down shirt, formal shoes, and jeans to get a reformed look.

The basic style bomber jackets are also the best inclusions in your business-casual style of dressing. But make sure that you do not go for designs with excessive numbers of patches or pockets. Pair it up with dressed pants and a plain white button-down shirt.

A leather blazer can add a casual touch to your look when you wear it once in a while. But, the leather blazer is only a casual addition to your outfit, and you cannot use it to replace your formal suited-up look.

Winter dress-up with leather jackets:  Choose a soothing combination of the light brown sweater, dark brown sweater, and also other things. Go for a pinstripe shirt, black tie to add a formal touch to your attire.

Collared shirts, when paired with basic style leather jackets, are a perfect inclusion. Pair them with the formal check trouser and a pastel-colored collared shirt.

In winters, a combination of a waistcoat and a leather jacket is undoubtedly going to keep you snug and comfortable. Choose the tones of your waistcoat and shirt judiciously, focusing on the contrast. Use a dark-colored waistcoat with a light pastel shirt. Pair the attire with denim or light or dark-colored chinos, and you are all set to go.

Things to keep in mind

Do not go for the biker-style leather jackets while dressing up for the office. The basic style bomber and the minimalist leather blazers will look well.

The bomber leather jacket looks decent and sleek when paired with a casual outfit. Pair it with chinos, denim, collared shirt or T-shirt, and derby shoes.

  • Make sure that your jacket does not get exposed to water.
  • Keep it away from the direct heat of a stove or a furnace
  • Keep it clean and polished at all times.
  • Hire a professional cleaning and maintenance service to keep your leather jacket looking great at least once a year.

Remember that leather blazers are still trending, and you will also have to wear them as you hang out with pals. In formal settings, wear a leather blazer with black chinos. 

Get yourself a close-fitting custom-made business casual leather blazer to get the right authoritative, and amicable leader looks you want to sport in your office. Choose the minimalist design of brown and black-colored leather blazers to wear in your office. 

Are you feeling pressured thinking of how to choose the right jacket for your office wardrobe? An easy suggestion is to choose a goatskin leather jacket with Pala Leather and prep up your office attire collection for the perfect business casual look on Fridays. And you might qualify for a first-time buying discount as well! 

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