Summer Trip Essentials

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With effective vaccines finally rolling out and states reopening much more they’ve been for over a year, we’re all breathing that collective sigh of relief and making plans for the summer. So refreshing since last summer, most of us were confined to our backyards (if we were lucky enough to have them). With international travel still only considered safe for those taking essential trips, most of us are staying close to home this summer. That doesn’t mean we’re not going anywhere, though! Whether it’s a road trip or a short flight to another state, there are certain things we don’t want to leave home without!

The Perfect Catchall 

If you’re the mother in the situation and gearing up for a car ride of any length this summer, it’s best to have a main bag that most essentials live in, so they’re easiest to find. Hand sanitizer, healthy snacks, masks all fit in the designer tote bags or backpacks you treat yourself to this summer. We’ve had a long year, and this summer is one to celebrate, so treat yourself to a new oversized bag to make packing a breeze. These large bags can also double as weekenders if you’re only packing for yourself. 

Road Trip Snacks

Remember growing up when you and your siblings would pile into the family vehicle to take the annual summer vacation? Make this summer the one that you create those same memories for your family. One thing to keep everyone calm and quiet (for a little while anyway) is to make sure you’ve planned ahead and packed some healthy and satisfying snacks for the journey. We still need to keep our immunity in mind, so opt to mix in some fresh-cut veggies and nuts along with the chips and candy. 


Don’t skip on the sunscreen! We want to make sure we stay healthy and look our best all summer long. With the hours you’re undoubtedly planning to spend outdoors, you want to make sure you’ve got plenty of sunscreen on deck to keep you and your family protected. You want to go with an SPF of a minimum of thirty, but fifty and above is going to give you the most protection. Don’t forget to reapply if you’re spending consecutive hours outdoors. Every two to three hours should do the trick; tweak a little if your activity level is high and you’re sweating a lot.

Water, Water Everywhere

With the sun of summer comes the heat as well. It’s easy to end up dehydrated, especially if you’re participating in physical activities out in the sun. Make sure you’re bringing along bottled water for the trip, and it’s always a good idea to lessen our impact on the environment, so investing in reusable water bottles that you fill before your car ride or flight is an even better idea. 

Perfect Playlists

If you’re going to be spending a ton of time in the car, instead of everyone fighting over what to listen to, plan ahead with some premade playlists. If the kids are old enough and able, let them join in the fun and create their own playlists to add to the rotation. If they’re still small, consider making them their playlists with songs they love to let them feel like they have some say in the experience. You’ll be making fun family memories as everyone sings along to each other’s favorites. If you’re not driving, dancing in your car seat can boost your mood and consistently passes the time; if it’s a solo trip or just two adults, zone out listening to an entertaining podcast or audiobook. 

Comfy Clothes

2020 was the year of loungewear. Now you undoubtedly, at this point, have a ton of options in your closet to keep you comfortable, so make sure you’re wearing them on your trip. Whether you’re traveling by plane or car, you want to be as comfortable as possible as you sit in the same seat for likely hours on end. One hundred percent cotton and linen are even better for summer as they’re going to breathe a lot better, making you even more comfortable and relaxed on your trip. And don’t forget your mask for any stops you may need to make along the way!

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