Sump Pump Maintenance Tips

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The sump pump is your first line of defence to keep the water away from your basement. They also protect your foundation and the integrity of your home.

You need it most when the snow melts in the early spring or when there is some heavy rain in the summer. This will cause them to call more, so you should check the operation before it is too late. It may not work for a while until you want to call the pump. So you need to plan and make sure your pump is running at the required time, and you don’t have a home in a flooded basement.

The sump pumps maintenance does not take more than 10 minutes to complete, and you should check the operation of your sump pump and make sure that it is for you when you need it.

Inspection of Pump

Inspect the basin/sump for any debris and remove anything you may have found before operating the pump. We don’t want this sump getting into the pump or blocking the pump. Therefore, always remove debris before testing the pump.

Electricity and safety

Since there are electricity and water in a single installation, you need to make sure you are electrically protected using a Ground Fault Indicator (GFI). This will keep you safe so that an electrical attack should occur in case of any defects. If you have a test facility to do this, check its operation.

Cable routing

The cable is in excellent condition along with proper cable routing. Make sure the cable is as far away from the water as possible. Check that the cable is secure and not loose and in the event of falling into the pole. This proves to be life-threatening and has occurred in some rare cases. So check to see if the cable is stable and secure.

Check the operation of the float switch

Once the float is raised, you want to see the pump running. You should hear the pump too. In this case, what you are hearing is the connection of the float switch and this switch will build without any hesitation or resistance and the pump will run smoothly. The float switch is considered one of the weakest points of the sump pump you can see in this test and you can make sure your switch is working normally. If the switch is intermittent or does not work normally, you will be able to replace the switch and no need to buy a replacement pump.

Operate the pump multiple times

To operate the pump efficiently, operate the pump several times in this manner, and switch off the pump whenever the water level is pumped to the appropriate level, and check that the switch is in a relaxed state.

Check valve operation

Listen for check valve clicks during this operation; You want to check valve because the pump is turning off the valve. The check valve should be closed with a click and prevent water from entering the sump.

 Cover all the parts;

When you are happy with the operation of your sump pump and you have checked all the things to make sure your part is covered for the pump’s operation. You should periodically check your sample pump to make sure you need it.

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