Supporting Your Local Church Through Fundraising: Tips, Tricks & Ideas

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Are you an active member of your local church? Do you love getting involved in helping to run church events? Does your family attend every Sunday and want to give something back? Then, how about supporting your local church through fundraising? Organizing different events and activities to help raise money for your church can be a wonderful thing to do. Especially, if you and your family are active church goers.

Whether your church is in need of a new roof, a replacement stained glass window, or some new church chairs, the answer could be fundraising. The chances are that the minister doesn’t have the time to organize all the fundraising the church needs himself. So why not give him a helping hand and answer his prayers? Get the fundraising that you do right and you could help to update your church and make it a nicer place for the local community.


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Stuck for fundraising ideas? That’s okay – below are lots of fun, interesting, and budget-friendly ideas for helping to fundraise for your church.

Hold a ticketed concert

A great way to raise money for your church is by organizing a ticketed concert. If the church already has a choir, that’s great; you can use them in the concert. If not, you may need to get creative. Get in touch with local singers, musicians, and bands, and see if any of them would be willing to help raise money for the church by playing at your concert. The chances are that you’ll get plenty of interest, especially from those who are just starting out and want to increase their exposure. Sell tickets for a small price – maybe $10 each, and put all proceeds into the church fund. If you sell 200 tickets, you’ll have made a whopping $2000. A small amount of that will need to be used to cover costs, but the majority of it can go towards the church. The charity concert can also be held online, through live streaming. Click here for a guide to live streaming from your church.

Organize a fete

If you want to bring the whole congregation together and raise a good amount of money in one go, a church fete could be perfect. Invite anyone who wants to be involved, to attend a meeting where you can plan the event and give everyone a job to do. As well as raising money from games and products sold at the event, you can also raise money by charging a small entry fee of $1 per person. To make your fete a success, you’ll need lots of stalls, games, raffle prizes, and sweet treats. Ideally, these should all be donated to keep costs as low as possible. If you organize a successful event, you could raise anything from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand.

Plan a sports match

How about planning a sports match to raise money for the church? Ask people from the local community if they would like to get involved in a sports match and plan a charity day around it. Get everyone who’s taking part in the match to get sponsored by friends and family. You could also charge everyone who wants to watch, a small price of maybe two or three dollars. As well as making money from the match itself, organize games, stalls, and refreshments to help raise extra funds. A BBQ always seems to go down well – after all, what’s a sports match without a hot dog?

Organize baking classes

Are you a skilled cook or do you have a friend who is, then why not organize a baking or cooking class? Organize a six-week cooking or baking course that local people can pay to join to help raise money for the church. Say you were to charge each person $15 per class – $90 overall, to include the lessons and the cost of ingredients. If you got ten people to attend that would be $900 you would make. Some of that would, of course, go on ingredients, but most of it could be donated to the church fund. This is a fun, different, and exciting way to help make money for your local church.


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Get the local schools involved

Contact a few local schools and ask whether they’d be willing to help fundraise for the church. Perhaps you could suggest holding a school bake sale, a dress up day, or a school fete or event? Explain that the church needs money to help improve or fix it and that you’d love to get some young people involved in that. Most schools are always happy to help with things like this, so you should get plenty of support.

Plan a coffee morning

Another great option for helping to fundraise for your church is to hold a coffee morning. You could organize this to be held at the church, itself or, if you have a big enough home, perhaps you could hold it there? The great thing about coffee mornings is that they’re a relaxed and easy way to fundraise. All you need is a few donated cakes, some tea, coffee, and fruit squash, and you’re good to go. As there are so many nut allergies, it’s probably best to implement a no nuts rule when it comes to the cakes.

Organize a church BBQ

Want to get the whole community together for an evening of fundraising? Then, how about planning a church BBQ? Make this a fantastic event with live music, a bar, and lots of yummy food for people to purchase. See if you can get a local band to appear free of charge, to help keep costs low. Try to get all food and drink donated by local businesses – approach butchers and supermarkets. For burgers, hot dogs, and other BBQ food, charge something like $3 a portion. For drinks, charge $1.50 for soft drinks and $3 for alcoholic beverages. All proceeds, except for those needed to cover costs, can go into the church fundraising account.


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So there you have it, lots of fun and interesting ways you can help to support your local church through fundraising. Perhaps you could organize one of these events each month, to ensure that you meet your goal as quickly as possible?

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