Surprising Facts About Chocolate Chip Cookies We Bet You Didn’t Know

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Chocolate chip cookies are among the most popular sweets, and for good reason. Their fanbase is worldwide, with indulgers from all around the world, kids and grown-ups alike. 

The chocolate chips are responsible for making these cookies a preferred choice of dessert. Over the years, the use of chocolate chip cookies in gift packs during holidays or special days like Valentine’s Day has also increased. After all, what’s a better gift than some lip-smacking, mood-boosting circles of sweetness, right?  If your answer is a loud ‘nothing’, congratulations, you share the same craze for chocolate chip cookies as us.

To expand your love of chocolate chip cookies, here are some surprising facts we bet you didn’t know!

1. Chocolate Chips Were Actually a Mistake!

Legend has it that around the 1930s, Ruth Graves Wakefield, a dietician by profession, ran a tourist lodge in Whitman, Massachusetts. She was fond of food and prepared all the meals for the guests by herself. 

One day, while preparing a batch of cookies, she noticed that she was out of baker’s chocolate. Not sure what to do, she decided to use the semi-sweet Nestle chocolate that she had. She cut it into small pieces and used it in place of the baker’s chocolate in the dough mixture.

However, as opposed to her expectations, the chocolate pieces did not melt. This caused some lumps of chocolate to appear in the dough, and that’s how the chocolate chip cookie was rumored to be discovered.

2. The Nestle Connection

Making legend more interesting, did you know that the semi-sweet chocolate that Ruth Graves used was a gift from Mr. Nestle?  The coincidences don’t stop there.  Ruth Graves supposedly sold her recipe to Nestle and was promised a lifetime supply of Nestle chocolates in return. 

3. World War II Made The Chocolate Chip Cookie Popular Worldwide

Soldiers stationed overseas during World War II received chocolate chip cookies along with care packages sent from their homes. When they shared those cookies with their fellow men, more soldiers started writing to their families to send them the cookies. That’s how the craze for shipping chocolate chip cookies infected the whole nation.

4. The Now Prevailing Chocolate Chips Came in Later

As revealed, chocolate chip cookies were the result of a happy accident. Therefore, during the initial years of production, bakers would cut chocolate bars and use their pieces as chocolate chips, like Ruth Graves. However, soon after the recipe became popular and the demand for “chocolate chips,” as we know them today, exploded.

Chocolate chip cookies are surely the sweetest accidental creation. They bring a simplistic comfort to life and sweetness to our tongues.

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