Surrounded By Nature: The Most Beautiful And Peaceful Places To Live In The US

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Living in the city might seem like a great idea, and for many, it works perfectly fine. However, there is just something about living close to nature that beats living in the city without a doubt. After all, is there anything better than waking up to a beautiful sunrise, and ending the day with an even more beautiful sunset? Hardly.

Some people think that the only places in which you can be fully surrounded by nature are small villages in the middle of nowhere. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Just look at the apartments in Sea Pines at – a private community surrounded by beaches and ocean.

There are many places to choose from when it comes to being surrounded by nature, but which one will be the best for you depends solely on your preferences. Do you prefer to live by the seaside or by the mountains? Do you like to spend your time in an active way or not really? Making a decision can be hard, so to make it easier, let’s discover what the most beautiful and peaceful places to live in the US are.

Arlington County, Virginia

This place is a perfect mix between a big-city infrastructure, cultural diversity, and wide-ranging restaurant scene. Located in the suburbs of Washington D.C., it has an excellent metro connection with the city, as well as many places where you can go for a walk or biking. The park is located more or less ten minutes from nearly any place you might live in.

North Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada

Even though there is only one lake, there are two sides of the area – North Lake Tahoe and South Lake Tahoe. Both of them have things in common, such as access to many snow and lake recreational activities, or a variety of amazing places to eat or stay, but apart from these, they couldn’t be more different.

While South Lake Tahoe could be considered as Las Vegas of Lake Tahoe, the North Lake Tahoe is more on the quiet side. After living there for a while, you might also get a feeling that the time is passing differently 

– it’s a perfect place to move for those who are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city and want to live in a more relaxed environment.

When it comes to what you can do in North Lake Tahoe, there are plenty of things. During the summertime, you can go on a walk on one of the dog-friendly beaches in the area, enjoy one of the many mountain activities, such as cycling or hiking, or you can dive into the lake and swim the day away. On the other hand, during the wintertime, you can enjoy one of the many ski areas. 

Breckenridge, Colorado

Breckenridge is one of those places that never get boring – whether you enjoy spending time in a more active way, or prefer more laid back activities, you are bound to find something for yourself. During the wintertime, you can enjoy one of the many slopes, or just go for a walk. The town is located in the mountains, so the views are incredible – especially during winter when everything is covered in snow.

During the summer, you have a chance to discover the more culturally-oriented side of this town. The place is full of fun, family-friendly activities, such as a pottery class or a visit to Cowboy Mine, which offers underground mine tours, as well as real-life gold panning. The town also has many SPAs, so if you want to relax after a day spent outside, you can always hit one of those. Breckenridge is also full of festivals and other social events, such as Oktoberfest, Film Fest, Snow Sculpture Championships, Independence Day, and many many more.

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is a town in the state of Arizona, surrounded by almost 1.8 million acres of national forest land, as well as two state parks. This place is perfect for those who love nature but also want a little bit of adventure in their life. The landscape is so diverse that no matter if you prefer water, land, or air activities, you are bound to find something for yourself. Some other things that you can do in the town include visiting art galleries, boutiques, historical sites, or spiritual and wellness sites.

After moving, you will probably find yourself appreciating nature more than ever before. Besides – wouldn’t it be amazing waking up every day to sunrise over red rocks?

Final Thoughts

The places listed above are just a few of many. As it was already mentioned, where you decide to live will mostly depend on your personal preference. Also, if you don’t know what type of landscape you prefer to live in, don’t worry. There are many places which are located near everything – water, mountains, and forest.

No matter where you decide to live, there is one thing left to say – Good Luck!

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