Saving Your Family Money by Learning Basic Car Maintenance Skills

Many people know how to drive since they were in their teenage. And cars now become a vital part of our life, no matter where you live. However, there are always occasions when your car breaks down when you need it most. And as you may know, it is very pricey to take your vehicle to the garage. Our topic today is saving your family money by learning necessary car maintenance skills. In this article, we will give you seven essential car maintenance skills to deal with the emergency case and … [Read more...]

Is It Necessary for Moms to Know How to Repair Cars?

Now, hands up if you believe that moms are the coolest human beings on the planet. Well, it goes without saying, that you, and you, and you… you all raised a hand if not both! You know why? It’s because since you’re reading this, someone was patient enough for nine long months waiting to see you take your first breath on earth, and there’s no way of telling what they had to go through to see this through. Nonetheless, forgive the slight disarray, this is not a “moms are important 101” class. … [Read more...]

Simple Car Maintenance Tips

A little maintenance on your car can save you hundreds of dollars, hours of time, and so much of the stress involved with having a car problem. Taking some time to do some simple checks and replacements make a big difference. Many of the things can be done safely and for free! Health Checks You can do a vehicle health check all on your own with the help of a handy OBDII Monitor. A vehicle health monitor can save you at least $100 on a trip to a mechanic because it helps you decode engine … [Read more...]

Top 5 Things Car Owners Should Regularly Check Before Driving a Car

It is not easy to solve a problem that does not yet exist, it is not even easy to consider it and even less if it costs money, and that is why thousands of drivers forget, error, the preventive maintenance of their car. Because the next visit to the auto workshop for a review will be kept away from an appointment to repair a breakdown. The first repair should be done at approximate 5,000 kilometers, the second repair should be done at approximate at 10,000 and from there, more or less, repeat … [Read more...]