How to use a Brother Embroidery Machine

Sewing and embroidery is one very fulfilling hobby. If you are into this fruitful past time, then for sure, you are already considering an embroidery machine, if you don’t have one yet.  Here are some tips on how to make the most out of a brother embroidery machine. Threading To begin crafting with a brother embroidery machine, the first thing to do is to wind the bobbin and set the lower thread. Take note, however, to only use the plastic bobbin that came with your machine, or use … [Read more...]

Main Things To Consider When You Design a Hat

If you’ve never created a custom piece of clothing, you should try it as soon as possible! There are so many reasons for this. First and foremost, you’re able to put a personal stamp on a shirt, hat or something else. You can also use it as promotional material; many companies are putting their logo on hats as a way of promoting their business. But besides that, it is also a good way to create a unique piece of clothing. You don’t have to buy shits and hats that are in the stores but instead, … [Read more...]