Are Headphones Safe For Children?

The use of headphones on a daily basis has become second nature to this generation of children. As a parent, it’s only natural to be concerned about your child’s exposure to loud sounds through headphones, especially at unsafe volumes and for prolonged periods of time. Nowadays, it seems every electronic device aimed at children comes with headphones -- mobile phones, iPod Shuffles, handheld gaming consoles, and even portable DVD players frequently used on long trips. No doubt about it, our … [Read more...]

LilGadgets Headphones Are Perfect For School and Home + Sharing!

With back to school season upon us (where did the summer go?!), you probably have a list of items to get for your child. If your list is like my daughter's and my boyfriend's son's, you probably need a pair of headphones. LilGadgets has great options for headphones - they're great for both school and home, too! Riley and Lucas both received the Connect+ style from LilGadgets. Available in 5 fun colors - purple, pink, green, black and blue - they are fun and stylish with many great features … [Read more...]