How to Motivate Your Kids to Practice Their Talent in Singing

All kids love to sing. From the time that they’re babies, listening to nursery rhymes and lullabies, they learn that the sound of music is something they can often turn to in order to soothe or entertain themselves. But what if your child actually does have a great singing voice? If you notice your little one really belting out the notes perfectly, then it’s time to nurture this talent and ensure that you motivate them to keep practicing.  If you’re concerned about how you might go about … [Read more...]

How to Pick the Right Microphone That’ll Perfectly Suit Your Kids’ Voice

If you have children that love to sing and want to practice their talents properly, then getting a decent microphone for them is definitely the best decision to support their hobbies or dreams. But, where do you start when you want to buy a new mic?  If you’re in a bit of a pickle, we've come up with ways for you to figure out which one is best for your kids. Live performance functionality at home When it comes to searching for the best mic, you have to consider the fact that … [Read more...]