Single Moms Guide: Ways to Fulfill Home Tasks While Working

Mothers are known to sacrifice their happiness to give their children a life that is abundant and free from troubles. They are wise, resourceful, and ingenious in terms of the needs of their family to ensure that they will have a healthy physical and emotional state at all times. These responsibilities double-up when mothers face family life without their partners.  Being a single mother is no longer a significant societal issue nowadays, and some measures have been devised to support … [Read more...]

Difficulties Faced by a Single Mother

Single mothers are those mothers who are unmarried, divorced or widowed and with children totally dependent on her. A single mother looks after her child all alone and carries all the expenses of her child. In the past few years, the term single mom has been spread out very randomly, so there are few people who have misconceptions about single mothers. If a woman is totally alone and she shared half of her earnings to look after her child then that person is called as a single mother. However, … [Read more...]