7 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Dress

This is it. It is time to actually plan the day you likely have been dreaming of since you were a little girl pretending the curtains were your veil. You have found the perfect man, got the perfect ring, and now you get to go and pick the perfect dress. Getting an amazing wedding dress can seem overwhelming. There are so many types and styles to choose from. You have to pick a budget, find a dress that is flattering, all while planning other details of your big day. But don’t worry! Following … [Read more...]

Wedding Dress Trends Every Aussie Bride Must Know About!

If you’ve been shopping for a wedding dress, you may have found yourself in need of a glass of wine after a full day on the hunt. Even your mum may need one. Today’s bridal market is filled with beautiful gowns and dresses, making your choice a lot harder than you imagined when you tried on your first lacy creation. Take a breath. You’re going to be fine. There’s a wedding dress style that suits all manner of brides and it’s being produced by Aussie designers making headlines, according to … [Read more...]