25 Signs that You are a Yoga Mom

Being a mom takes a warrior spirit. Although you might love your kids, every mom needs time to relax. Are you the kind of mom that can’t wait to see the latest yoga gear and Adidas shoes on sale so you can rock some serious stretching at your hot yoga class? You might just be a yoga mom! And even if you aren’t, you totally need to try it! Love yourself. Love yoga! Check out these signs that you might be a yoga mom: Your go-to relaxation stance at the office is Child’s Pose.You know … [Read more...]

Got Pain? Here’s the One Option You Haven’t Tried Yet

If you suffer from pain, it’s all too easy to avoid exercising. After all, wouldn’t that just make it worse?    In fact, the opposite is true. Too much rest can aggravate pain and put you at greater risk of injury when you do get up and move around. You are perfectly fine to exercise for pain relief; you just need to be careful about which type of exercise you choose. High impact step routines, running, and team sports are all out, but you can try lower-impact stuff to boost … [Read more...]

Tips to Incorporate Exercise Into Your Daily Routine

Having a busy life means less time for the things that we need. Sometimes this can be time spent relaxing, time spent with friends, or providing ourselves the food we need. One of the biggest needs that are not often met because of a busy life is exercise. Exercise is vital to our health and it is important that we do not take how much movement and stretching our bodies need for granted. The common misconception is often that exercise requires a gym membership, which is not true. There are … [Read more...]

Health Benefits of Doing Surfing And Yoga All in One

Surfing, you have the unparalleled thrill of taking a piece of board and take on the waves. A complete game of balance as you struggle to finish it without falling overboard. The constant pumping of adrenaline during the ride runs a course through your body and your mind blacks out everything except what’s in front of you. And at the end of each run, you find yourself catching your breath as the excitement dies down and the physicality of the endeavor has made itself known. Then you have yoga, … [Read more...]

What Clothes Should I Wear To Practice Yoga?

Have you already learned the benefits of yoga and encouraged you to start your journey to become a “yogi”? Then it was time to prepare to practice yoga with the ideal clothing for this discipline. The clothes you choose can be decisive in the success of your practice because you need it to be comfortable, very elastic and resistant. Comfortable: Ideally, you can focus on the exercise, so any discomfort will get you out of concentration. It is recommended that clothing not be too baggy or … [Read more...]

Reduce Stress In Your Life With Yoga Online From The Caring People At Glo

Modern experts have taken a closer look at existing techniques. They have delved into the world of stress and how to manage it. Stress has been shown to have all sorts of terrible effects. When people feel stressed, they may engage in activities that are less than helpful. For example, someone may not get as much or even any exercise in life. They might also find themselves eating a lot more than they need in order to keep up their weight. This can lead to weight gain in unwanted places. … [Read more...]

6 Ways To Heal Sore Muscles Naturally

There is nothing worse than delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMs) following a strenuous workout. There is also nothing worse than muscles that are sore for no seeming reason at all. In general, muscle soreness is caused by dehydration, low blood circulation, lack of basic vitamins and minerals, or an overuse of those muscles. (Certain medications have been known to cause muscle soreness.) However, whether you’re working out or suffering from fibromyalgia or other diseases that make your muscles … [Read more...]

How to Adapt a Holistic Approach to Pain Management

It’s a pain. This sentence signifies something uncomfortable and irritating. Something you would love to get rid of. Something you just don’t want with yourself. Pain is always there for us. It usually bothers us when we least expect it or when we really don’t want it. Some call it fate, some call it bad luck. Doctors just call it pain and give you drugs to channel it out. These drugs simply numb that part of your body that’s experiencing pain. They don’t get rid of the cause and when this … [Read more...]