Take the Family Getaway Up a Notch With These Ideas

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Spending time with your family indoors is a great way to strengthen ties. But it can sometimes get boring if it’s the only thing that you do for fun, right? A family getaway is a perfect excuse to get away from a busy life and enjoy the outdoors for some change. There are so many activities and places you can take your family, whatever the season and have a great time together.  

While it may be fun to crash land at the most popular sites, you want to ensure that you have reservations, tickets, or whatever may be needed at the entrances. This means making early plans for the places you intend to visit and preparing your family for what to expect. But if you want to keep them guessing, go for it! 

For more on this, here’s how to take the family getaway up a notch with these ideas.

Family camping

Camping is one of the best things you can do to reconnect your family with nature. Kids who seldom spend their time outdoors will never place any value on their natural world. You, of course, want your kids to grow up knowing how important the environment is in their lives. And what better way than to take them to where the action is. At the camp, you can go hiking, relax in a hammock, or build a bonfire.

Fortunately, with camping, you don’t need to break your account. It’s cost-effective yet the most influential family activity you can think about. Camping gurus at Wigwam Holidays insist that the first step to taking your family camping should be finding a family-friendly camping site. This is because not all camping sites are created equal and come to think about it, some may not fit into the family-friendly category. There are so many secure camping sites that are family-oriented, and in addition to this, they eliminate the need for unnecessary camping gear. But if you still want to take it a notch higher, you can always bring your camping itinerary and teach your kids how it was done back in the day. 

It’s however important to practice camp etiquette. Among the things you’ll need to remember include:

  • Leave no trace that you were there
  • Respect and adhere to camp rules
  • Keep the camp clean and leave it cleaner
  • Observe wildlife from a distance, if any

Take your family on a short beach holiday

A weekend on a less popular beach will do the whole family some good. With life becoming busier and more hectic, experiencing the beach atmosphere whether for the first time or a repeat experience will help to rejuvenate your energies. Nothing beats the feeling of a clear sunset reflection on the open waters, those evening walks on the sand with your spouse while your kids play in the background, or just the rare sight of your kids building sandcastles! It’s an unforgettable experience you’ll all enjoy. 

Below are some activities you may want to try the next time you’re on a short beach holiday:

  • Beach scavenger hunt
  • Collecting shells
  • Family picnics on the beach
  • Swimming
  • Playing games and sports in the water and on the sand

A tour at a National Park

The best thing about nature is that it’s free! While you might be required to pay some entrance fees at various national parks, it’s nothing compared to what your family gains out of the experience. There are so many things to see and do in a national park. So if you’re planning the next family getaway, consider the idea of touring a national park. They are convenient, affordable, and they offer learning opportunities you can all benefit from.

Explore your city

Who said that you cannot be a tourist in your own city? You’ll be surprised by the many interesting places in your city you never thought existed. You can pack snacks or opt to dine in a restaurant. There are various ways to explore your city; on foot or cycling. But to cover more ground, save time, and have fun while at it, consider public transportation. Nothing is more fun like hopping from one bus to the other. You can visit the local historical sites, galleries, parks, the museum, or be as thrifty as you possibly can!

Now, as earlier mentioned, you don’t need to break your bank for the perfect family getaway. All you need is some creativity and you’re good to go. But then again, a family getaway is worth your every penny because hey, it’s family!

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