Talk About Staying Married

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Brought up listening and reading fairy tales, have you ever noticed it starts with love and finishes in marriage – then what happens after that. It is unapproachable. Punjabi family – reaching the right person then living like fairy tales and following the same path from first love to marriage are really the stories worth telling. Here, in real practical life the same rule does not apply like fairy tails – we know what happens after marriage from marriage to arguments than to family disputes from there to parents disapproval to court cases finally worse than everything to divorce.

Most of the Indians keep plodding years after years with the same old expectations and hope of a second marriage matrimony.The whole business of online Indian matrimony devoted millions of rupees and thousands of gigabytes data to make the perfect match matrimony. 

But staying married is a bit of a challenging task for couples. If we look at the study stating that marriage holds the chaff of economic, psychological, historic, and most importantly sociological data. An abstract is emerging to a new person is quite normal after marriage and one must digest the hidden fact of living together that one relationship can not provide a full buffet of satisfaction – support, intimacy, stability, sexual enthusiasm, and happiness. Staying married is not for those who get in a relationship because of spectacular decorations, cultural enforcement, society, and economical forces. Apparently, a second marriage matrimony is one outsmart decision besides an attractive proposition.

Marriage has become a lock that one put on each other through some commitments – “a commitment device”. In the era of Punjabi matrimonywhen figuring out and tricking emotions and leaving the old -outdated bundles of satisfaction debris is way easier so that couples can only focus on Love “the most important thing in marriage”. The promise is not a “delicious food” just made for one time – a promise is a “mantra” to live together to obtain trust and confidence and help each other life-long.

Ironically, the role partner plays in marriage is happiness or love focused; it is targeted to the social pressure of a child. Keep the pace with neighbours and technology offers such kinds of enticements and distraction and compels the couples not to live and love for each other beside for the happiness of the other. This kind of outside centric love is not a good sign of staying married. 

While the divorce rate is touching the sky for the last two decades- marriage bureaus and second marriage matrimonyare taking initiatives to brighten the lives of such affected people. So, that their life will also start blossoming like a flower. Of course, money is not the only aspect of a happy married life. Sharing wealth and expenses, commitment, prosperity defines the Punjabi matrimony-couples stay married life long.

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