Telos Surpasses Its All-Time-High. 3 Reasons for This

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Telos (TELOS) just pulled together a 228% increase over its recent low in January. The influx of Crypto Exchanges can be attributed to the teams’ announcement, where they detailed their newest collaborations, including the launch of several DeFis and NFT projects.

Telos has now recorded a new all-time high during one of the slowest periods of crypto growth. Times like these are often described as crypto winters, and during these periods, only a few projects make significant progress.

The absence of substantial short-term gains during crypto winters propels traders to set up long positions with high potential projects. In this case, the Telos team achieved this by paying close attention to developing and expanding their services.

Weathering Through The Storm

Telos has successfully defeated most odds with its dedication to creating high-speed and scalability for projects within the crypto space. Most of its projects are linked to decentralized finance (DeFi), gaming platforms, no fungible tokens (NFTs), and other interactive media. The blockchain network was developed with the EOSIO software.

CoinTelegraph’s Markets Pro and Trading View data reports that the new all-time high price of Telos Tokens is $1.39. This is a great leap from its most recent dip of $0.40 earlier this year. These news outlets also pointed out that Telos now has a record-high trading volume of $26 million. The token is relatively faring better than other cryptos at the moment.

The question on most people’s lips and minds is what is responsible for the increased market price and rapid upward momentum of the Telos token, TLOS. Various reasons can be selected. However, the three significant factors that influenced this boost include the recent launch of nonfungible tokens and DeFi projects on the TLOS blockchain network, the platform’s collaboration with the Anchor Wallet, and an increased awareness campaign of the Telos brand.

NFTs and DeFi products are Now On TLOS

Telos now boasts non-fungible tokens and decentralized finance applications. This update will attract more users to the protocol and usher in liquidity investors. The launch of these projects on the network builds on the widespread interest in NFTs and DeFis in recent months.

Some weeks ago, the first native decentralized exchange known as OmniDEX was released on the Telos network. The team disclosed that other projects like TelosPunks NFT, APPICS—a social media app around NFT, ToFu NFT—a cross-chain NFT marketplace, and a Defi Protocol called AristotleDAO will be released on the network in the coming months.

Partnering With Greymass’ Anchor Wallet

The Telos team has teamed up with the Anchor Wallet Group to integrate both operations. A spike followed the integration of the Telos ecosystem with Anchor wallet in the price of the tokens.

This link with Anchor will authorize Telos token holders to sign up for the different apps built on the Telos/Anchor network. Telos enthusiasts can now access the services of the Telos web wallet, the Staker One, and the Decided Voter platforms without fear of insecurity.

Increasing Brand Awareness

The crypto ecosystem has tested several strategies to draw in new users, but none of these strategies comes close to increasing brand awareness through fantastic partnerships.

It’s no secret that the Telos Group has had its fair share of integration and partnerships in recent months. These deals have spurred a new awareness campaign to draw more users into the system.

The most notable partnership sealed some weeks ago was integration with DappRadar. Telos users can now track various decentralized finance applications (apps) on the blockchain network.

In addition to this, the network’s foundation announced a new partnership with BikeChain—a self-controlling ride-share application. This means BikeChain users can now process all forms of transactions on Telos’ platform.

What’s Next For Telos?

CoinTelegraph currently monitors the price of Telos tokens using the VORTECS app. Some hours before prices spiked, CoinTelegraph Markets Pro predicted the TLOS bull run.

It’s fair to say that Telos TLOS is onto something in the crypto ecosystem. The platform offers incredible features that promise faster transactions, better proposal systems, and better rewards or bonuses to users who keep the network running perfectly.

Crypto experts have defined Telos as one of the leading projects in the crypto space based on its vast potential. The price of the Telos tokens will shoot up in price as more investors join in. You probably do not want to miss the train.

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