Terrific Gifts for Coffee Lover

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If you have a loved one or friend who is completely serious about their daily cup of coffee then there is a chance that they may have everything that they need to make a cup of their favorite brew. If you are about to buy them a present it would be silly to purchase them something that they would not use or that they already have. Therefore, what can you buy for the coffee lover who has everything? This article will provide you with a few interesting items that most coffee lovers do not have but want to have.

Let’s begin with the Breville Barista Espresso Machine. It is true, that your coffee friend may have an assortment of coffee making accouterments but maybe they have not been able to find the best home espresso machine available. The Breville Espresso Machine is such an item. It comes in a variety of finishes including bright red, stainless steel, and black.

It has many premium features built right in such as a hands-free grinding cradle that will allow you to have your freshly ground espresso beans dispensed right into the filter. There is not a coffee lover in the world that would not love to have one of these machines. Of course, you may want to make sure that your friend will invite you over for a cup of coffee after you give them their gift.

If you want to give a gift at an office exchange event or if you want to add a little extra to a more extravagant gift, you should definitely consider a Peet’s Coffee Button. Your coffee buddy will be able to order whatever coffee brand of coffee they like with a simple tap of the button. The button is large enough for unsteady hands to use even before having that morning jolt of coffee.

Every coffee lover will enjoy using a Coffee Timer and Scale. It is a battery-powered timer and scale. This unit will provide your friend with a perfect cup of coffee with every brew. The unit has an automatic shut off feature after five minutes so as to save battery power.

There are different types of coffee connoisseurs. Some types prefer to use a french press while others like the features of an espresso machine. If you have a friend that heats up water and pours it over their coffee for brewing then the Bonavita Gooseneck Kettle will be a perfect gift for them.

The kettle is very attractive and can sit on your countertop. It will quickly heat up water to a temperature between 140°F and 212°. It comes complete with a count-up timer which allows you to see the exact amount of time left before boiling. It is a stylish gift that any coffee lover would love to have. There is one gift that you can give any coffee lover who has it all. What is it? It is a gourmet gift box of Gourmet Coffee. You will be able to choose from a variety of boxes that feature coffees from Costa Rica, Hawaii, Seattle, and other locations throughout the world. Some of the boxes include biscotti or chocolates.

It is even possible to order a Gourmet Coffee Gift Box that contains only decaf coffee. You do not require a subscription when ordering this brand of coffee. Therefore, you will be able to send your favorite java junkie a single box to try it out. This is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys trying different types of coffee.

If you are giving a gift to a female coffee lover then you should consider a Rosa Vila Necklace. It is available in a variety of tones including carbon black, gold-tone, silver-tone, and rose gold-tone. It is a dainty necklace that is perfect for both a science nerd or a coffee lover. You can give the necklace as a gift on its own or perhaps you can add it to a bag of coffee beans to provide a little sparkle.

If your friend has a home that smells of burnt coffee bean odor then it may be kind to give them a Behmor Drum Coffee Roaster as a gift. It is a handsome, stylish electric coffee roaster that will evenly roast up to one pound of beans at a time. It has five different roast profile settings. The most important feature is that it is stink-free.

Every coffee lover understands the importance of having a good quality manual coffee grinder with a conical ceramic burr. If your friend, or loved one, does not have one of these essential pieces of coffee paraphernalia then you can surprise them with a Manual Coffee Grinder that comes complete with a Conical Ceramic Burr. It is also perfect for anyone who loves to travel.

The grinder is quality built from glass and ceramic and it comes complete with an adjustable burr so that you can grind almost any type of coffee beans. It is easy to clean and extremely lightweight which will allow your favorite coffee lover take it with them anywhere that they go.

One of the more popular ways to brew a great cup of coffee with beans from Detourcoffee.com is with a french press. Since 1950, the Bodum brand of french presses have been used to make a delicious cup of coffee. Bodum makes an assortment of attractive products that only use high quality materials. A french press does not require paper filters. It is simply a matter of adding hot water to your favorite delicious coffee grounds.

Obviously, it should be about personality when choosing the perfect gift for a coffee lover. Many coffee connoisseurs love to experiment not only with different types of coffee beans but also with different types of coffee makers. Is your gift for someone who prefers a coffee theme decor or is it for someone who is a little coffee quirky?

When you consider the personality of the person that you are giving the gift to and you keep in mind some of their favorite interests then you will be able to choose the perfect gift for that special java lover in your life.

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