Tex-Mex Paste Recipe

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If you like fusion food, chances are you are familiar with Tex-Mex cuisine. It’s vibrant, full of spicy foods, and pretty impressive on the palate. Recently, one recipe that has made the rounds is Hello Fresh’s Text Mex Paste.

An ideal condiment and a perfect dip for your big bag of nachos, this tomato-based dish is calling people’s names. If you are particularly fond of twisted Mexican dishes with some fusion elements, you will love making your Tex-Mex paste at home.

This article will explore more about the Tex Mex paste recipe, its ingredients, and tips to enhance its shelf life.

About The Tex-Mex Paste Recipe

If we had to describe the Tex Mex paste to someone trying it for the first time, it is a tomato salsa but in a finer consistency.

So, in short, this paste consists of pureed tomatoes, chilies, and onions alongside a few different spices, which will surely leave your palate tingling.

The consistency of this condiment or dip is a lot

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