The 2018 Office Secret Santa Gift Guide

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The holidays are an exciting time, especially when it comes to finding the perfect gifts for friends and family. Many people also do gift exchanges through their place of work, whether it be White Elephant, Secret Santa, or something similar.

But – thinking of gift ideas for co-workers can sometimes be difficult, especially if you don’t know them well. How do you know where to start looking? And where can you find good gifts without spending too much?

Luckily there are some great ideas that have come out this year for Secret Santa gift ideas that are all affordable with a great gifts supplier. Read on to learn about the best Secret Santa guide for the office!Tech Gifts are Functional and Fun

In today’s increasingly tech-focused world, everyone has a smartphone or mobile device and the folks down at the office are no exception.

Accessories and helpful gadgets for owners of smartphones and laptops and can make a great Secret Santa Gift because they are thoughtful and functional. Some popular additions are decorative charger cord protectors and charging docks.

Another great accessory is a new phone case. Find out what design your Secret Santa might like and find them one they’ll love. If they have a classy and chic style for example, check out the marble cases here.

Food: Get to the Heart through the Stomach

You can never go wrong with getting an edible gift for someone in the office. For example, if you have a love for baking, maybe you can make some homemade treats for your Secret Santa and bundle them up decoratively. Just make sure to check for allergies first!

If you know that your Secret Santa likes to cook, cookbooks often make for a nice and thoughtful gesture and gives the person some exciting new recipes to try. You can also get them a gift card to a local restaurant where they can take their family or significant other out to eat.

Cups of Coffee or Cocoa to Spread Some Cozy Cheer

When the weather gets cold outside, many people love to curl up with a cup of something warm and a good book. If you have ever spotted your Secret Santa settling down to read at a local coffee shop, they might appreciate a gift related to that.

You can get them a gift card to their favorite place. You might get them a fun and decorative reusable travel mug that they can use at the office. Many stores sell special holiday coffee to take home and make in the coffee maker.

Hot chocolate is another kind of drink that people love to drink during the holidays, so you could also buy them some specialty hot chocolate.

Books are Bountiful, Take a Look

Books are another great option as a gift for any Secret Santa. (Not to mention they are probably the easiest of any item to wrap!) Because there are so many types of books out there on a wide variety of subject areas, you can be sure to find something that your Secret Santa is going to love.

Ask them questions about their favorite series, authors, or hobbies. You can find something that is sure to pique their interest. If they are an avid e-reader, maybe get them an online gift card to use for their electronic reading device.

Something Handmade Says A Lot

If you have ever received a handmade gift from someone, you know it’s a great feeling. Handmade gifts say a lot and it means that that person took the time and care to make something special.

If you are creative or like to craft, this is a fun way to make something nice for someone without breaking the bank. And remember too that handmade gifts don’t have to be ridiculously extravagant. Something smaller and simple sends just as clear of a message as a large handmade gift. If you need inspiration, Pinterest is a great place to look for DIY ideas.

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