The 5 Best Cities for Accordion Music

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Live music is a great way to relax and get a unique insight into the local area. That rings all the more true with the not-so-ubiquitous accordion, an instrument with roots in Germany (or Russia, depending who you talk to). Check out these five destinations for some great samplings of “squeezebox” music with accordion for sale, both at home and abroad.

The 5 Best Cities for Accordion Music
  1. Las Vegas, NV

Turns out Sin City is (among other things) a prime destination for accordion aficionados. This summer, take some time for all-that-is-accordion during the Annual Las Vegas International Accordion Convention from June 22nd to June 25th. Held at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino, the event offers the rare opportunity to hear masters like Grayson Masefield, the reigning World Champion Accordionist, strut their stuff.

  1. Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn has long been a destination for craft beer and artisanal pastries, but it’s also becoming a hotspot for accordion music. With doors thrown wide-open for self-expression, there’s no better place for the Famous Accordion Orchestra, a group that’s seen incarnations consisting of two members to an entire ensemble, to flex their keyboard-ed muscles. Brooklyn’s vibrancy is a perfect complement to folksy and country tones of a good accordion harmony.

  1. New Orleans, LA

There’s no way we’d leave the “Big Easy,” well known for its love of good live music, off a list of destinations for great accordion music. Whether you’re grabbing some po-boys at Johnny’s or noshing on beignets at Café du Monde, zydeco, a musical genre inspired by the city’s French Creole roots, is played by accordionists on street corners and in venues throughout New Orleans.

  1. Alexandria, VA

Just outside of Washington, D.C., Alexandria is known as more than just the neighbor of the U.S. capitol; this summer, swing by for the 2015 American Accordionists’ Association festival from July 8th to 12th. Attendees can watch world-class accordionists compete for $25k in cash prizes at the Holiday Inn and also get some fingers-on experience during workshops throughout the festival.

  1. Paris, France

Ever since the polka made its way through every level of French society back in the 1840’s, the accordion has been a mainstay in the “City of Love.” Accordionists can be found throughout the city, like the mainstays at the Sacre Coeur. If you’re feeling extra swanky, sit down for a musical dinner in Montmarte, a short walk away from the Hotel Banke, right in the heart of Paris. Allons-y!

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