The 7 Best Supplements For Fertility

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Trying to conceive isn’t something that only applies to first-time parents. Maybe you and your partner have decided after a while that you want a second or even fourth child, but things aren’t happening as quickly as they did for you in your early years of baby-making. Thankfully, there are supplements readily available that can make your chances of not only conceiving but maintaining pregnancy easier.

While it is true that if you’ve been trying to conceive for six months to a year without any luck, you and your partner should consider scheduling an appointment with a reproductive specialist – trying a gentler, more natural approach, in the beginning, is never a bad idea. Let’s look at some supplements you should add to your healthy and active lifestyle to boost your chances of getting that much-awaited positive test result!


Fish Oil

Unless you’re getting a healthy dose of seafood daily, your body probably lacks essential Omegas. Incorporating a fish oil supplement into your routine can boost your fertility and the quality of your eggs. Once you become pregnant, the power of fish oil supplements is that they help with your baby’s brain development. So they’re great for pre-pregnancy and through the rest of your pregnancy. In fact, keep taking them afterward, too!

Coenzyme Q10

You may already be familiar with Coq10 from certain beauty products and lotions you use. You should also buy Coq10, especially if you’re in your mid-thirties or early forties and trying to conceive. The benefits of this naturally occurring compound are it not only boosts egg quality but helps to thicken the lining of your uterus. Women with thinner uterine linings have been shown to have a more challenging time getting pregnant.

Folic Acid

Folic acid is a beneficial fertility supplement for both partners to incorporate into their lifestyles when becoming pregnant. For men, it has the benefit of producing healthier sperm, which produces healthier offspring. For women, Folic acid not only helps you in trying to conceive, but it’s also essential for preventing several forms of congenital disabilities in your growing baby.


You may not be familiar with this essential vitamin, but it’s one that we all should be taking, TTC or not. Selenium is a powerful antioxidant that is especially beneficial to the father-to-be. Selenium has been shown to improve sperm mobility and semen quality. For women, it creates incredibly healthy ovarian follicles and can help prevent miscarriages.


We’ve all learned a lot about Zinc over the last couple of years and how essential it is to our overall health and immunity. When it comes to fertility, Zinc’s powerhouse can improve male sperm count and quality. Mothers-to-be can benefit from Zinc in that it helps to regulate hormonal functions, ovulation, and cell division. Zinc can upset some people’s stomachs, so you may want to take it with food.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is found in many skincare products, but it’s also imperative when you’re trying to expand your family. Vitamin E’s role in boosting fertility is that it can increase cervical mucus, making it easier for sperm to hang around and fertilize an eager egg. Your partner should be taking a Vitamin E supplement since studies have shown that men with low Vitamin E levels have fertility problems.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is another supplement the last couple of years has spotlighted. Vitamin D is key to overall health and well-being, just like getting enough exercise. The role it plays when trying to conceive is it helps with healthy hormones. So both mother and father want to make sure they’re getting optimal sunlight time in and supplementing with Vitamin D. Hormones are not only critical for the balancing act of when in your cycle you should be trying to get pregnant but also to regulate hormones throughout pregnancy.

Supplements are essential additions to any healthy lifestyle; when you’re trying for a baby, you tend to scrutinize your lifestyle even more. That’s why it’s necessary to add the right vitamins and critical minerals to keep your body in optimal shape to conceive and nourish a developing baby. And practice plenty of grace, self-love, and patience along the journey. Here’s to your health!

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