The Basics of Caring for Your Clip In Hair Extensions

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Clip in hair extensions are ideal for creating longer hair and brand new hairstyles without having to commit to growing your natural hair or installing permanent extensions.

Whether you only wear them once in a while or on a regular basis, it’s important to carefully care for your clip in extensions – you did invest in them after all.

A little extra care is all that you need to avoid damaging your extensions or your natural hair. Here are a few tips that will give you the basics of hair extension care.  

The 6 Basics of Caring for Clip In Extensions

  1. Brushing is essential

Taking the time to prevent knots and tangles will go a long way in prolonging the life of your extensions. Use a soft bristle brush or a wide tooth comb only as they cause the least damage. Use your fingers to gently get rid of larger knots before you brush your extensions.

  1. Don’t wash them too often

Since your clip in hair extensions are not attached to your scalp, they don’t collect as much oil and residue as your natural hair. You also won’t be wearing your clip in extensions around the clock so you won’t need to wash them as often as you would your own hair. Most experts recommend washing your extensions after every 7 – 10 uses.

Before you wash your extensions, brush them to get rid of tangles. Next, fill your sink with lukewarm water and divide your extension into smaller sections. It’s important to only use a shampoo that’s safe for use on extensions, so make a point of reading the label carefully.

Once you’re done washing and conditioning the hair, lay each weft flat on a towel to dry.

  1. Avoid a hair dryer if you can

Letting your harmless hair extensions air dry is much better than applying a hair dryer to them. Obviously, this is not always possible but if you plan accordingly and give your extensions enough time to dry naturally, they should last longer. Higher-quality extensions such as  Jadore will last longer anyway but minor differences such as air drying make a major difference.

If you must use a hair dryer, always use a heat protection spray first. The same applies if you will be using a straightener or curling iron. Since heat does dry the hair out, it’s best not to use heat styling tools too often or to use it on its highest setting. Hair spray and mousse should also be used sparingly.

  1. Don’t sleep with your clip in extensions in

Even if you’re dead tired after a night out, don’t sleep with your hair extensions in. Not only will it lead to tangles but it will weaken the clips and wefts too.

  1. Store your extensions in a breathable case

How you store your clip in hair extensions also makes a difference to their longevity. Make sure they’re completely dry and tangle-free before storing them in a case designed for hair extensions.

  1. Always have your hair dyed professionally

Remy hair extensions can be dyed darker but it should always be done by a professional stylist if you want to retain the quality of your extensions. With this being said, dyeing your clip in extensions is not ideal so it’s better to pick the right colour to begin with.

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  1. I thought it was interesting when you explained that it is important to let hair extensions air dry after washing them. My wife wants to get some extensions put in her hair for our family photos that we will be doing soon. I’ll be sure to share these tips with her so that she can know how to properly care for them once she gets them.

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