The BBQ Grilling Guide – How to Get Started

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When it comes to entertaining friends or family, there are few ways easier and more enjoyable than a good old fashioned BBQ. A BBQ offers variation in terms of the meals you can serve, helps avoid the dreaded clean up, and is a great place to catch up while your meal is cooking. Whether you are thinking of purchasing a new BBQ or aren’t sure where to get started with the one you have, then use this simple guide to get you grilling towards success.

Big or small?

The first place to start when looking for your perfect BBQ is to consider what size BBQ you actually need. To find the right BBQ grill, consider the space you have available, the number of people you’ll be cooking for and the necessary cleaning and maintenance that comes with any grill. If you are only entertaining small numbers of people or have a small space to store your grill, then perhaps consider a smaller model or a two-burner set-up. For larger groups or for a more detailed approach, consider a four-burner setup. For the top of the range, depending on your budget, you may even consider an all-in-one built-in BBQ kitchen. These set-ups don’t come cheap, but they will make the entertaining area a destination, rather than just a place to cook. The first step to getting started with your grill is to decide what kind of system you need.

Propane gas, charcoal or electric?

Not only do systems differ based on the number of burners, but also by the ignition fuel required. There are distinct advantages to each system – propane smoker, charcoal, or electric – and, depending on your personal preference and existing set-up, you may be better suited to one. Charcoal grills are great for flavorsome cooking and are the cheapest to run. Gas cookers are more convenient than the others and getting your hands on a gas bottle is usually easier than finding an electrical socket. Electric grills are the most convenient and don’t require any additional fuel source, other than the one your home already provides. Depending on your preference, space, and willingness to source a fuel type, you will generally be best placed to opt for one over the others. At the end of the day, they will all cook your favorite BBQ recipes. Consider space, cleaning requirements and cost when choosing which fuel source is best for you.

Clean up and maintenance

A BBQ is just like any other piece of equipment, there will be necessary maintenance and cleaning to keep it firing. When you are ready to invest in your next BBQ grill, consider the maintenance requirements of the system. Charcoal systems are quite messy and will create extra work when all the meat is done sizzling. Gas and electric systems have similar requirements, being sure to thoroughly clean and maintain the grill plates will ensure the longevity of your system. Another important aspect of maintaining any grill, regardless of size or fuel, is the initial grill. Before cooking any food, to help prime your grill, you must cook and coat your grill plates in oil. Pouring a small amount of oil to spread across the plates and allowing the oil to cook into the plates will help create protect the finish of the plates. This finish will help ensure you don’t scratch or remove any of the powder coatings on your hot plates. This simple set-up activity will ensure you will be grilling on those plates for many years to come.

Grilling a plentiful plate full of food for your guests delivers feelings of accomplishments that no slow cooker can hope to deliver. Not to mention the traditions associated with stepping behind the grill. If you are looking for a simple guide to help get you started on your BBQ journey, use this guide to take the first steps.

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