The Best Birthday Party Idea of 2020

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Are you waiting for the next birthday blast of your kids? It’s always a challenge to come up with a birthday theme for your kids. Celebrating birthday is the happiest thing for everyone. For a celebration, you need an extraordinary birthday party theme based on your preference. You’ve definitely heard about the most popular battle royale game in the world which is Fortnite. This multiplayer online game first released in 2017. For past few years Fortnite-themed birthday party is popular not only among kids but also among their parents. Fortnite Birthday Parties can be a really exciting and fun among all.

Fortnite, the most popular birthday theme

Do you know why people are eager to use the theme for social gathering like birthday party?   Everything from the Fortnite party including food and desserts will be based on theme. The popular survival game theme is basically based on Battle Royale, collaborate to create your private island, or quest in Save the World. It has been two years since the release of Fortnite and you can find tons of Fortnite themed decor ideas like dessert ideas, custom signage, loot bags, chug jug juice and more. Palettes, netting, grass, boxes or crates, llamas, and silhouettes would all fit for Fortnite theme. 

Send Out Fortnite Invitations

Before you start the party, you need to send out invitations so that your guests will be able to enjoy the adventure! You can buy invitation cards from gift shops in Fortnite colors with your party details. Another option is, you can buy blank cards and then involve your kids to decorate those with Fortnite theme by using stickers or cut-out pictures. You just need to forget include all the party detail date, time and location. 

Fantastic Fortnite birthday ideas 

Are you ready to celebrate your party? Fortnite Inspired Birthday Party ideas have just arrived and grab the attention. The super cool Fortnite birthday theme will make you feel like you won the battle royale. When you plan for the Fortnite party, you need to arrange lots of party supplies out there yet in this theme. Decorating the venue is important because you want to use the theme to encompass every aspect of your party. Everything you need for a birthday party will be based on Fortnite Game. For example, cups, plates, tablecloths, balloons, napkins, helium tank and even a few things which is necessary for arranging the party.  

Fortnite food ideas

The amazing fact about Fortnite party food is that you don’t need to be different from what you usually serve at parties. Are you ready for delicious themed food ideas? You can decorate cupcakes with green, black and color candies. The best way to decor the food is by using lots of shapes and color and display it. You must use signs to let everyone know what you are going to do. 

Fortnite food table:  For the food table, you can place some shield potion jars as piece of decorations. The best way is to fill them with water and blue food coloring. Furthermore, if you want to decorate like battle field, you can use fake green grass, black and tan table clothes and Halloween net. 

Birthday Cake:  Cakes or cupcakes are center of attraction of birthday party. For Fortnite Birthday Party, you can plan to get a custom Fortnite Cake on that special day. The amazing idea is Fortnite Themed Cake from Steph G Bakes. There is another easy way to make a simple homemade birthday cake with some cake toppers.  You can make cupcake toppers by using Washi tape.

Drinks:  For drinks, you totally make the most popular Juice. One more addition is to add Slurp Juice .All aged people like this simple and awesome juice. 

The Starving Chef: You can make delicious Durr Burgers. Both kids and adults like the special burger. 

Fortnite Cookies: Battle Royale Cookies from 6 B’s Creations are popular among people. Even you can make simple homemade sugar cookies and it can be transformed into V Bucks Another option is make simple homemade custom cookies that save time and party budget!  

Fortnite Party Decorations 

Do you think food is the main attraction of a party? Basically, decoration plays a vital role in grabbing attention among guests as well as hosts. There are numerous great ways to d or your venue for Fortnite Birthday battle!  You can create a backdrop for dessert or the food.  The fact you must keep it on your mind is Fortnite is always full of bright colors! The most used colors are yellow, camouflage, green or blue for a Fortnite party. Furthermore, you can set up the party tables easily.

Activity of Fortnite Birthday Party

The first task is to figure out how to make the birthday party more exciting. Fortnite themed birthday party requires unique material to make it exciting. For example, fan of the franchise can use nerf guns. It is a great chance to keep your kids away from Games as they can enjoy real life experience. Furthermore, you can make or buy t shirts in Fortnite colors for guests. Fortnite parties normally run for 60 minutes but sometimes it can be extended to 90 or 120 minutes. Another great idea is to have Potions for kids.

To conclude, Fortnite Birthday party is a total blast or you can say a total WIN. If you are planning to celebrate a Fortnite Battle Royale birthday, these ideas are help you to impress guests and kids as well. An amazing Fortnite Birthday theme will give you mind-blowing experience. It is the perfect party theme for all aged people especially if they love to play Fortnite.

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