The Best CBD Products for New Users in 2020

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CBD has been one of the most widely discussed supplements in the last few years. From high profile cases in the media to the sudden trend within health food stores, it has been almost impossible to avoid the impact that CBD is having.

While CBD was once limited to oils and topicals, people now look for more fun and innovative ways to work it into their day. CBD edibles, for example, have become one of the latest ways in which people are enjoying the benefits of CBD.

Knowing where to start as a new CBD user can be a little tricky with so many different options. Finding the best CBD products that work for your lifestyle and routine, however, can take a little trial and error.

From soothing CBD topicals to tasty CBD edibles, we have put together a list of some of the best CBD products in 2020. So, if you are looking to try CBD supplements for the very first time, make sure to check out some of the products below. In case you Shop CBD products, make sure they are high-quality products.

CBD Oil Tinctures – PureKana

PureKana has one of the largest selections when it comes to CBD oils making them an excellent option for new users. Having so many different flavors and concentrations to choose from allows you to see all of your different options in one place.

All of PureKana’s CBD oils are made from high-quality CBD hemp oil, offering consistency across all of your different options. PureKana sources all of its hemp plants from US organic farms, working to ensure high quality in all of its oils.

When it comes to CBD oils, PureKana seems to have an option for everyone. Oils start at 300mg and increase all the way up to 5000mg for those who prefer a much stronger dosage. There are also many different flavors, including ‘Citrus’ and ‘Fruity.’

CBD Vapes – Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs offer an excellent balance between exciting flavors and simplicity. It can feel a little overwhelming at first for those who are entirely new to CBD vaping, with there being so many different options. 

Hemp Bombs has just the two concentrations of CBD to choose from. This ensures that you can select the right level of CBD to suit your body while not feeling overwhelmed by too many options. There are also three fruity flavor profiles to choose from, including mango and watermelon.

CBD Capsules – Green Roads

Green Roads offers a varied selection of CBD capsules, allowing you to try out all of the available different types.

For a general-purpose capsule, Green Roads has CBD soft gels, which pack 25mg of CBD into each pill. They’re an excellent general supplement.

There are also Green Roads’ CBD relax capsules and CBD sleep capsules. Both of these options offer a different way to experience CBD, with more targeted effects focusing on relaxation and nighttime use.

When first trying CBD capsules and supplements, it is nice to have these different options that all share the same base formula. The three options mean that you can easily discover the way that CBD works best for you.

CBD Topicals – Provacan

Provacan is a great place to start for new users who are looking to try CBD-infused topicals. While Provacan stocks all of the basic CBD creams that you would expect, it also has a number of slightly more unusual topicals, offering simple ways to work CBD into your day.

The baby-soft cream, containing 100mg of CBD, is a good place to start. Acting as a general-purpose topical and containing a relatively low concentration of CBD, it allows you to ease into the world of CBD topicals.

For a slightly different take on CBD topicals, Provacan also has options such as CBD sun cream, CBD age control eye cream, CBD shampoo, and CBD bath salts. Provacan’s range of topicals gives you the freedom to add CBD into your skincare routine in a way that works for you.

CBD Edibles – CBDfx

CBDfx has a few different options when it comes to CBD edibles, such as an extensive range of gummies. Where CBDfx really excels, though, is with its tasty selection of CBD protein cookies.

For those who are new to CBD, cookies are a great way to introduce CBD into your diet in a way that feels very familiar. Adding a CBD-infused cookie into your rotation of afternoon snacks is both fun and straightforward.

CBDfx has four different cookies, including oatmeal raisin and peanut butter. So no matter what your cookie preferences are, you are sure to find one that you enjoy.

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