The Best Crackers To Try in 2021

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If you are looking for a quick bite, there is absolutely no snack that is more versatile than crackers. You can eat them by themselves, with some cheese and wine, pair them with a nice hot bowl of soup, or even put some delicious cold cuts on them. 

Sourdough crackers, aside from being delicious, give you the added benefit of helping with your digestive system. Because of the fermentation involved in making these crackers, starches and gluten have already been broken down and are easier to digest by the body. 

Having said that, are all sourdough crackers equal? Most definitely not. There are certain guidelines that you need to look for when you buy your sourdough crackers. Do they have healthy ingredients, for example? Beyond being a responsible choice for your body, are they a responsible choice for the environment? Let’s go a little bit more in-depth for you to find out which crackers you should consider buying in 2021. 

Healthy and Organic Ingredients

  1. Organic Sourdough 

Traditional crackers are made up of ingredients that have a rather high glycemic index. Having a higher glycemic index means it is not very good for digestion and can cause your insulin levels to spike, making it easier to gain weight. Organic sourdough is a vastly healthier ingredient because it is far more friendly to the digestive system without lacking any of the nutrients of the traditional ingredients. 

  1. Organic Wheat Flour

Organic wheat flour is incredibly nutritious. First of all, it is densely packed with fiber which adds to the benefits that these crackers have for the digestive system. They are all rich in thiamine, folate, and vitamin B. 

  1. Organic Sunflower Oil

Another healthy ingredient that you need to look for when searching for the best crackers to snack on is Organic Sunflower Oil. The list of health benefits that this ingredient gives is almost endless. It is very good for the heart, the skin, and your overall cholesterol levels. They are also proven to be anti-carcinogenic and help you prevent cancer. 

Environmentally Responsible

Beyond being good for your body, the best crackers are also produced and shipped in an environmentally conscious manner. So how do you know that the crackers that you are snacking on are green and environmentally friendly? 

  1. Responsible packaging

The packaging of the ideal crackers should have extensibility in mind. That is, the company that makes them should package the crackers in a way that allows each element of the packaging to be reused and recycled. Everything from the cardboard to the interior plastics should be designed to be multi-functional so that they are not simply discarded after the crackers are taken out of the box. 

  1. Low carbon footprint

The company that produces the crackers that you snack on should ideally also be actively working on becoming completely carbon neutral, if it isn’t already. The problem with how supply chains are set up is that they are completely negligent about leaving a troubling carbon footprint. You want to work with a brand that finds innovative and clean supply chain solutions.

A One-Stop Shop For The Best Sourdough Crackers 

Luckily, you do not have to look very far to try the absolute best crackers you can possibly find in 2021. The sourdough crackers from Moonshot pass the test for every good quality we talked about. Not only do they use organic and healthy ingredients to produce their crackers, but they are also 100% committed to being carbon neutral and overall environmentally responsible. Visit their website today to satisfy your cravings with the best sourdough crackers on the market today!

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