The Best Incredible Wedding Lighting Ideas

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wedding lighting

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The lighting element will carry your wedding merry into the evening twilight. It may not be possible to control the lighting system in your house to suit the occasion. You have an option of fanciful ways to bring glow and warmth into your wedding celebration. 

The pendant lights

These are single lights hang from the floral installation or the ceiling. They overtop the reception tables giving a significant impact. 

You will need only a few bulbs to realize this setting. You can hang the individual lights at diverse heights to boost interest and dimension to the décor. 

String lights curtain

A string lights curtain is ideal for a glamorous backdrop. Whether more dense or straightforward, the choice is yours. 


These lights bring the essential attractive effect to all celebrations, including weddings. They have their primary fount of lighting. You will now be able to dim the lights during dancing and reception times. 

The glass orbs tea lights

Would you love to have a fantastic dreamy effect of candles hanging in midair? You will love to see the candles hanging in greenery among the floral installations. They give an intimate garden vibe. 

The hanging candles

Boost your taper game using these impressive candles hanging on the ceiling. It’s a unique view that will leave all your guests amazed.  

The custom hanging lights

Are you within your budget for the wedding? You can consider fixing statement-making lights with a powerful evaluated look. 

Aisle candles

It’s a classic décor concept that never gets obsolete in style. To get the most excellent effect, try to have your wedding ceremony at night. Use your votive candles with different heights to get a beautiful touch. 

The backdrop candles

Tree stumps will aid in placing candles at different heights. They enable the combination of the string lights. The effect creates a fantastic vibe for the wedding ceremony backdrop. 

Along the tent roofs fairy lights

You will need a transparent tent roof to enjoy this feature. With the tent roof, these candles are strung along the top. They create a fascinating vibe and add romance and good warmth to a wedding. 

Paper lanterns and string lights

You will love the string lights effects strategically draped on the wall. They get accented by white and gold paper lanterns. 

The feature will give your wedding ceremony backdrop a whimsy touch.

Tips for indoor and outdoor wedding lighting

An indoor wedding ceremony needs different lighting options. It’s different from an evening background wedding. Time, natural light, and ideal wedding aesthetic affect the choice of the lighting system. 

Indoor lighting

In indoor weddings, you need to understand the existing light at the venue to know what to add. Uplifting is suitable for highlighting architectural features. You can also opt to change the wall to match the palette. Color washing creates distinct moods in separate rooms at the venue. It would be good if you had a lighting pro to help you here. 

Outdoor lighting

In outdoor wedding, your most significant challenge is the source of power. If the wedding is at sunset, you have to light up the venue pathways, parking lot, bathroom when the sun sets. All this will demand more power. 

A small-scale backyard wedding will need string lights. They can be between table votive candles and trees. 

A tent is for a big wedding done outside. You will have to seek the help of professionals to make everything run well. 


In most weddings, lighting is among the underrated elements. Good lighting sets the mood and reveals the time you spend preparing for the occasion. Not sure of where to start? Seek help from professionals.

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