The Best Mezcal Drinks for at Home Cocktails

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Mezcal has been the number one drink coming from Agave extract in Mexico. Even though tequila is the other opponent that many people recognize worldwide, Mezcal drink is the purest spirit you will find in all Central America.

Since Mezcal has about 40% or more alcohol concentration, you need to be extremely careful when consuming it. Many bartenders believe that Mezcal is better to get consumed in cocktails. That is why by reading this short article, you will have a better clue about the most promising and interesting cocktails containing Mezcal agave extract. Most people will love you for this, and if you know how to prepare them, you can become the center of attention when throwing parties!

1-Devil’s Soul

It is one of the most legendary cocktails made with Mezcal. You simply need to add some mezcal, rye whiskey, Aperol spritz, amaro, and elderflower liqueur. Then you need to toss it into ice cubes and stir up. Most people love to drink it while being laid on their chairs under the hot Mexican sun. Others like to enjoy it at the comfort of their sofa. Either way, this cocktail is both sweet and sour and gives you an incredible buzz that can cheer you up throughout the night.

2-Rosaluna Midnight Magic

One of the most magnificent and delicious mezcal variations is Rosaluna. The cocktail that makes Rosaluna mezcal more identifiable to newbies is the Midnight Magic. To prepare it, you need Rosaluna, passion fruit liqueur, lime juice, simple syrup, some mascarpone cheese, a splash of rose champagne, and some lime twist for garnish. Bartenders usually stir the ingredients and then serve it to you in a tall glass. The extreme sweetness of the Rosaluna can make it easy to drink more than one servings!

3-Division Bell

It is one of the cocktails that women prefer to drink even though it has more mezcal than others. It contains mezcal, Aperol spritz, maraschino liqueur, and lime juice. Although it sounds simple, the Division Bell is the mezcal cocktail enjoying the highest sales in Mexican resorts like Cancun and Baja. Some women find it attractive for men to offer them such a cocktail and believe it is a direct sexual approach. So if you are in Mexico and a woman accepts to drink a Division Bell with you, it means she likes you!

4-Farmer’s Tan

Judging from its name, Farmer’s Tan is the cocktail people working in farms used to drink when they needed to celebrate a reasonable agave harvesting period. The Farmer’s Tan is still famous in Mexico and in the United States that is the second-biggest consumer of agave products. To prepare one of these cocktails, you will need mezcal, cardamaro amaro, blue curacao, and xocolatl mole bitter. When you stir these ingredients with some chopped ice, you will have the most delicious mezcal cocktail you have ever drunk. It is both sweet and sour, giving you a great buzz after work when you need it more!

5-Fire & Brimstone

Here we have one spectacular mezcal cocktail that aristocrats drink in Mexico City. You can find it in the most expensive and exclusive bars in several cities across the world. To prepare it, you will need mezcal, triple sec, lemon juice, orange bitters, and agave syrup. That mixture gives you a great and robust taste that dominates your mouth and tongue. It is the cocktail with the best aftertaste of all and can provide you exceptional memories!


All agave extract cocktails are great. However, the ones containing mezcal are more memorable. If you want to have a sweet and firm drink, then mezcal cocktails are the ones for you. Remember to drink responsively!

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