The Best Office Looks for Business Women

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Office looks for men are quite simple. Women, however, have more options for how they’d like to dress. The right outfit can make you feel powerful, confident, and organized. If you’re struggling to think of new looks or you’re sick of your usual office outfits, here a few ideas to add to your weekly wardrobe rotation.

The Perfect Jacket

Having an amazing jacket can do wonders for your wardrobe. You can pair it with a skirt or a great pair of pants. You can buy a jacket in a neutral color and wear it with a bright pair of pants, or grab a colorful jacket and wear a neutral look underneath.

Layering is always a good move in the office because you can take off your jacket when you’re overheated in the winter or when the air conditioning is blasting in the summer. Plus layered looks allow you to make different combinations of outfits, so you get the most out of your wardrobe.

The Classic Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt has been an office staple since its creation in 1954. It’s flattering and comfortable, and long pencil skirts help you look polished and professional. Buy the length of the skirt based on your height. If you’re on the shorter side, you don’t want a skirt that’s too long.

Try them on and find a size and style that hits underneath your knees. Buy a few pencil skirts in different colors and patterns. The same rule applies here as the jacket—if you’re going loud on the bottom, go more muted on top. A patterned skirt pairs perfectly with a neutral blouse, and you can have a little fun with your accessories without going overboard.

The Comfortable, Yet Chic Shoes

Your shoes are very important. They complete your outfit and they support your feet, which is crucial if you’re working long hours and running from office to office. Make sure you have multiple pairs of shoes that you like. If you know you’ll never wear a pair of heels, don’t buy them.

Stock your wardrobe with what you’ll actually wear. You might love every type of shoe. If that’s the case, make sure you have a variety of shoes. Buy a pair of stilettos for when you need a boost of confidence, a pair of comfortable pumps, and a pair of loafers for when your feet need a break. You can opt for colorful shoes or more muted so you can easily pair them with brighter clothes. Another tip—break in your heels at home before wearing them to work.

Consult a Professional

If you feel totally lost, you might want to consult a professional. A professional stylist can help you figure out the right looks for your body as well as what you’ll feel most comfortable and confident in. If you’re confused about what’s appropriate for your job, talk to a professional in career counseling.

A career counselor can help you discover what’s expected in your workplace and consider other careers in which you might feel more confident. We all feel lost at work sometimes, but since we spend so much of our time we want to make sure we’re in jobs we love. Talk with a professional about your look and your life and you might find a change that does you a lot of good.

Getting the right look can do wonders for your confidence and work ethic. Feeling great in your clothes will help you feel ready to tackle the day. Get the best pieces for your wardrobe and see the effects it has on your career.

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