The Best Options for Dinner Delivery

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The response to the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people think about dinner. Sometimes the best thing you can do is treat yourself to a delicious delivery dinner. It is a nice way to take your mind off the troubling times we are living in. Scoring pizza deals can be among the best options for a relaxing and enjoyable treat.

pizza delivery

The Importance of No Contact Delivery

The circumstances caused by the pandemic are unprecedented in recent memory. Social distancing is one of the most effective tools we have against highly contagious diseases. Of course, the traditional food delivery process was anything but socially distant.

Fortunately, some restaurants have decided to offer contactless delivery. This is a process with as limited personal interaction as possible. Often the delivery person will simply drop food at your doorstep and let you know it is there. Thanks to modern advances in delivery including paying via mobile app, it is easier than ever to maintain social distance during food delivery.

Papa John’s Contactless Delivery

Papa John’s has begun offering a no contact delivery option. Simply request it while ordering through their app or online (you may also be able to ask if ordering over the phone). It appears to be the default now. The option “leave order at my door” is checked automatically.

They have also added a quality seal sticker as a sort of tamper-evident seal. If someone has opened your pizza en route, the sticker will be broken. This simple solution can help you feel a little more confident.

When the driver arrives, he or she will leave the food at your doorstep and knock or ring the doorbell as normal. The driver waits six feet back while you pick up the food. It does not appear that you can use this option if you don’t pre-pay and pre-tip through the app or website.

What Great Pizza Deals to Add to Your No Contact Delivery

Using contactless meal delivery Ireland, you can enjoy a delicious dinner without needing to disobey social distancing guidelines. Of course, this becomes even better when you score a great deal. Papa John’s can also deliver there. With a diverse range of daily and limited-time specials, there is always something you can enjoy.

Plus, the restaurant’s rewards program makes getting free pizza even easier. All you need to do is order a few times and you will have enough rewards for free food before you know it. There are plenty of great restaurants out there. However, it is nice to see brands like Papa John’s taking their role in the community seriously. It is hard to ask for more than great deals on delicious food with contactless delivery.

Find Great Delivery Near You

Getting a great deal on a pizza is a nice way to finish your day. While you may normally just search for “pizza delivery near me” and look for deals, there is a new consideration now: contactless delivery. Think about which restaurants will facilitate social distancing. In times like these, it is worth choosing the option that cares as much about your health as your taste buds.

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