The Best Sports to Play as a Senior

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Our body’s physical capabilities tend to peak during our late teens to early twenties. Once we reach our 40s, our body’s strength decreases slightly year by year.

However, just because you racked up more years to your name, it doesn’t mean that you should resign from a life of physical activity!

For seniors, it’s more than possible to incorporate sports into your everyday routine. While we don’t expect anyone over 80 to do thrilling extreme sports daily, it’s much more possible for seniors to keep active with age-appropriate sports.

You may ask, then what are age-appropriate sports, exactly?

Well, time to find out! Here are some of the best sports for seniors to keep themselves mobile and active.

1) Tai Chi                                 

Tai chi is an excellent sport that seniors of almost all fitness levels can take part in. Even seniors in wheelchairs can take part in this sport.

Aptly called “meditation in motion”, this form of sport utilizes slow, gentle hand movements aimed to relax the muscles, mind, and body. Originating from China as far back as the 8th century, this sport also has many philosophical underpinnings.

In tai chi and many Chinese philosophy practices, “qi” is the component that flows into the body. When there’s adequate qi in the body, this essentially translates to more vitality and spirit transferred onto you. Tai Chi is said to harness qi and allow the body to form a relationship with its soul and the surroundings at large.

Besides its rich spiritual elements, tai chi also has excellent bodily benefits. This sport is known to improve balance and flexibility, reduce stress levels, and improve muscle strength in people who regularly partake in the sport.

2) Brisk Walking

Let’s not get caught up in the pedantics of it, walking can be an absolutely great way to get active right away. Not only does it help you move your legs, but it’s also highly accessible.

If you live in a place with sidewalks and pleasant weather like the Living Choice retirement villages in the Sunshine Coast, you’re pretty much capable of engaging in this sport as soon as you close your personal computer. You’ll ideally need some durable walking shoes and dry-fit clothing, but if you have those, you’re pretty much good to go.

The benefits of walking regularly are enormous. You’re improving your endurance, burning calories, strengthening your bones, improving your heart health, and losing weight all at once. Your mental health also gets a boost, as studies show that walking every day can ward off the development of chronic mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression.

So get out there and start walking

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