The Best Teepee Tent 2020

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Tipi indoor Kid’s tent: The affordable alternative for the whole year

A tipi Indian tent offers most Kids a lot of fun and is suitable both as a hiding place and as a cozy or reading corner. By the way, particularly beautiful models also look great in the living room. Tepee for Kids has a diameter of about 70 to 150 centimeters, so that they can also find a place in smaller rooms. In dry and windless weather, a Kid’s tent can also be set up outside on the terrace or in the garden. Such a Kid’s tepee is of course not comparable to a tent for adults, but when it comes mainly to the “kid’s privacy”, the indoor models are usually sufficient.

Tipi tent outdoor: The group tent for camping and festivals

If you want to use the tipi tent in the outdoor area, the choice of a camping tent in tipi construction is just right. These tents are available in sizes for two to twelve people and with different levels of comfort. Camping tents in tipi form are also very suitable for festivals or medieval festivals. If you set up the tipi tent in the garden, your Kid can also use the tipi outside of the camping holiday and use it as a play and hiding place. So investing in a good tent is even more worthwhile. Older Kid can, of course also spend the night in a tipi tent. As a rule, you do not have to impregnate the tent, and the manufacturer has already done this. To maintain rain protection, the tent should, however be impregnated once a year.

How can you make a tipi tent yourself?

Basically, every practiced hobby sewer can sew a tipi tent. If it is to be a light tent, synthetic fibers should be used for the material of the tipi tarpaulin or for the tipi tent fabric. A cotton tipi tent is heavier, but offers a nicer indoor climate. If the tipi tent is to be waterproof, it must be impregnated thoroughly before first use. So that 4 people have space in the tent you need a footprint of about three to four meters.

Which tipi tent for which purpose?

Modern tents, which are based on the tipi tent of the Indians, are sold in a wide variety of variants, from a simple cotton tent for indoor use to a high-tech camping tent with a partition, windows, and ventilation. A teepee tent test usually examines the most important features such as space, material, and waterproof. Camping tents that are used for several days should also have good ventilation so that it does not become stuffy in the tent. The quality of the teepee tarpaulin determines how long the tent can withstand wind and weather.

Can I wash my tipi tent? 

Outdoor tents can simply be hosed down with a garden hose or wiped off with a rag. To wash the teepee tent, the poles must be removable from the fabric. In any case, please follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions.

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