The Best Wardrobe With Mirror Options for Your Bedroom

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Wardrobes are central to bedroom spaces. They help keep the floor space decluttered and organize belongings. Wardrobes come as freestanding units or wall units. Designs range widely and include custom units. Some fixtures added to wardrobes to improve functionality include drawers, specialized compartments, and light fixtures. These elements personalize the wardrobe designs. Another unique addition to wardrobes is mirrors. They are added for both functional and aesthetic purposes. Numerous options are available for mirrored wardrobes

The Full Mirror Wardrobe

This design includes mirror surfaces on all the panels of the wardrobe. It’s a unique design and that does well to make a space look bigger than it is. The mirror effect creates an illusion of occupying a space that is twice as big. Since the reflective surface extends across the entire wardrobe panels, the effect is heavily cemented and becomes apparent upon entry. Full mirror wardrobes are great for compact urban spaces where every inch of the room matters. Moreover, the mirrors enhance indoor lighting. The mirror surfaces reflect natural light across the room and reduce the need for artificial light, especially during daytime. 

One Full Mirror Panel 

Rather than cover all wardrobe panels with reflective surfaces, this design has a full top-down mirror on one panel. The surface offers a unique aesthetic contrast to the wooden wardrobe design. The mirror allows users to check themselves as they try out clothes. It can also be used to do light makeup. Moreover, the mirror panel eliminates the need for a dressing table and this saves floor space in the bedroom. The full mirror panel design is quite common and it’s recommended for bedrooms with limited space.

The Sliding Door Mirror Panel 

If you are big on saving space, the sliding door mirror panel wardrobe is the best option. The wardrobe features sliding doors that tuck away seamlessly and save floor space that would otherwise be taken up by the swinging door. The mirrored sliding door panel serves an aesthetic function. It offers a contrast to the wooden continuity of the door panels and gives the feel of a spacious room. It’s also still useful for dressing up and applying makeup. 

Classic Mirrored Wardrobe Panel Designs

Mirrors can be incorporated into classic wardrobe styles like the Victorian wardrobe. The mirror is carefully shaped to fit into the design of the wardrobe door panels. The outcome retains the aesthetics of the classic design while adding the modern edge of a reflective surface. The size of the mirror depends on the design of the door panel face. Since classic wardrobe designs are keen on symmetry, the mirrored panels follow the rules. Some classic wardrobe designs incorporate a mirrored dresser set up in the design. The result is a multipurpose piece of furniture that maintains an entirely classic look.

Unique Custom Mirror Wardrobe Designs

Wardrobe renovations Sydney offers numerous ways in which mirrors can be used to style wardrobes. The reflective surfaces are great for creating contrast on the wardrobe panels. As a result, they are used to reduce the monotony on the wardrobe panel design. The mirror can be customised into different shapes to achieve unique designs. Moreover, combinations of different reflective surfaces on wardrobe panels can create stunning mosaic finishes. Varied colours on mirrors installed on the panels can also add a unique appeal to wardrobes.

Mirror options for wardrobes add a unique style to the design of the storage units and revamp the aesthetics of bedroom spaces. Therefore, it’s important to consider getting a wardrobe with a reflective surface in order to start enjoying the benefits. If you have in-built wardrobes you can still get a mirror fitted. It’s definitely worth it.

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